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I know for many of us, how we can spend our perfect day may have changed over the years.  Even if the activities that we can participate in have changed, we can still enjoy OUR lives to the fullest, especially when we are having a good day!  So my friends, my question for you this week is, “Describe how you would spend your perfect day?”

~ Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.  I hope today is treating you well.  

list of free (and $1.00) summer activities for kids

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It is hard to believe, but summer is just around the corner and with the warmer months brings more time with the kiddos.  It can get very expensive trying to find ways to entertain children/grandchildren/nieces/newphews without losing your mind or physically exhausting yourself.    Below is a list of free activities your kids can participate in and some require minimal outings on your part.

These activities may not be available in all locations.


Free summer reading program for kids grades 1-6


Free summer reading program for kids to 14 years old


Kids to 14 years old can bowl 2 games/day free all summer.


Regal movie theaters are offering $1.00 movie tickets through the summer two days/week.  One of the movies is Max and is something that is not a predominately a kids movie so adults may enjoy it too!


Free movie/game rentals in JUNE for each A on a child’s report card at Family Video


Every 4th grade student and their family gets a free National Parks pass to be used as much as wanted by August 31, 2018


Free family summer camps


Free camp at apple store ages 8-12


Free workshops for kids ages 5-12


Free month Lego mini-build ages 6-14


While your at it, sign your kiddos up for a free lego magazine


Free fishing – nationwide schedule


Free classes for kids


Free summer audiobook program for kids 13+


Another book program for kids


Pottery Barn kids book club


Free tokens from Chuck E Cheese for completely logs such as reading


If you live in the Boston area, here is what I found for free


If you live in the Chicago area here is a link to free days at their museums


If you live in the Houston area, here is a link to free dates/time for free museum entry


If you live in the Indianapolis area, here is a link to free and discounted museums


If you live in the NYC area, here is a link to free or pass as you wish museums


If you live in Oregon, below is a link to free admissions


If you are in southern California, below is a link to free museums


In the St. Louis area, here is a link to free admissions


If you are in the Washington DC area, here is a link to free activities and museums


Don’t forget that many libraries nationwide have free summer reading programs!  This has always been a favorite of my kids.

Free summer lunches, and in some places breakfasts, are available nationwide for kids through 18 years of age.  These are available in select public schools and parks.  Below is a link but you may have better information googling your state and free summer lunch program.


Until next time…………………..YOU are a superhero!

Free Reading Sites

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Those of us who are chronically ill tend to spend our free time participating in less physical activities such as reading.  Since most of us are on a budget due to those endless medical bills, I have done my best to compile a list of websites that offers free reading material.  It is my hope that this list will be beneficial to even the biggest bibliophile.  Happy exploring!

wendi, under the pen name Charlie, is the author of Frugal Seeds: 101 Ways to Make, Save or Stretch a Dollar.  I would appreciate you taking a moment to check it out.  Thank you.

we need to have a little fun

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Of course we all want to have fun!  Wouldn’t it be GREAT to feel well enough to really, I mean REALLY enjoy a day out or a hobby or a trip?  I know chronic illness effects people differently, but I am guessing if you are reading this blog, you are more like me, “good days” are few and far between and “good” is a very relative term.

Living with chronic illness is hard and some days, really hard.  It can literally suck the joy out of life.  Always being in pain and putting so much physical effort into doing what needs to be done to make it through the day wears on your soul, making it difficult to find happiness.

Hobbies and recreational activities are so important as it gives us time, outside of our own minds.  They can bring joy, positive thoughts, good memories, self-confidence and feelings of accomplishment.  I know that wading through brain fog, pain and discomfort is extremely unpleasant but it is so important to find just one thing….. something new that you can enjoy, even if it is only on your good or better days.

For those who can’t leave home, endless skills can be learned through the internet.  You can explore how to make different types of ethic food, learn a new language, start a blog or YouTube channel , send cards or letters to someone who could use a pick-me-up, attend a religious service, learn to draw or paint, start a stamp collection, meditate, learn to knit, sew or create a loom hat.

For those of  you who can leave your home you could take a free class at a local library, try yoga or Tai Chi class, go see a play or concert, visit a farmers market, sign-up for a class at a local college, join a book club, visit a park, take a walk down your street or volunteer.

You can bring  positive changes into your life just by adding one new activity that brings you joy.

Until next time…..