An illness kit.

Well, I finally created an illness kit, like the one I mentioned in a previous post.  I visited my local Dollar Tree (like most people I also live on a budget) and was able to get everything you see in the not-so-professional picture below.

For me, the most important item I purchased was a pack of 3 pairs of white socks.  When I came down with the dreaded, can’t-get-out-of-bed flu, I had not washed any whites in about a week and I ran out of clean socks on day two.  It was a huge bummer as I hate having cold feet but I dislike wearing dirty socks even more.  I also purchased a two pack of wash clothes for running under cool water and placing on your head when you are feverish.  Even though you can usually find a cloth lying around for this purpose, I wanted them just in case.  I believe that you could probably find these cheaper at Walmart but I did not have the energy to go and check.

I also purchased a package of small happy face plates and travel drink cups with lids because who in the heck is able to do dishes when you are extra extra sick?  Plus, I know I will not be able to find a single disposable item when I really need one.

Also purchased on this trip was a box of tissues, a bag of herbal cough drops (made in the USA), a small bottle of acetaminophen, a jar of Carmex and a Sparkling ICE drink.  All of these items are going to place in a 2 gallon zip lock bag and placed in the bottom of  a dresser drawer with a prayer that I will not have to use them!



When you get the flu…

brown and white bear plush toy

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Over a week ago, I had been working on another post and I was really struggling with putting my thoughts on paper.  Although this is a daily issue for me, it seemed as if I was having more trouble than usual.  So, I put it aside and was feeling mad at myself for not being able to push through and get something “readable” on the computer screen.  Two days later I woke up with the flu.

Thank goodness it has been 18 years since I have had the flu this bad and by bad I really mean debilitating and miserable.  The morning I woke up with the flu I realized instantly that I had not done an adequate job planning ahead for such an event.  I am fortunate enough to have people in my life who help me out during times like these, but there is no way I am going to ask…………”hey, could you please put a whole chicken in the crock pot, add filtered water, celery, carrots and cook it for 8 hours then make it into a soup?” Nope, I wouldn’t do that plus I was so ill I couldn’t have spoken all those words at one time without taking a nap.

So, I have learned a valuable lesson.  I need to prepare for these dreaded times that I receive an extra illness.  I know that if I eat healthier while ill, I heal quicker.  I know the extra comfort that my favorite bottled water can bring me, or the soothing comfort of only cough drop that doesn’t make me sick to my stomach.  Did I have either of these things on hand, heck no!  So, planning ahead is on my list of things to do once I have fully recovered.

How do I plan on preparing for the next illness?  Great question!  I am going to have homemade chicken broth and soup waiting in the freezer.  I am going to put a bin in my closet and fill it full of things I so missed this time around………favorite bottled water, lip balm, the right cough drops, warm socks, paper plates and bowls, plastic utensils,  comforting teas and some puzzle books from the dollar store.

What do you do to prepare ahead for the cold and flu season?  I would love to hear your great ideas!