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Synonym Discussion of isolation

solitudeisolationseclusion mean the state of one who is alone. solitude may imply a condition of being apart from all human beings or of being cut off by wish or circumstances from one’s usual associates.

    • a few quiet hours of solitude

isolation stresses detachment from others often involuntarily.

    • the isolation of the village in winter

seclusion suggests a shutting away or keeping apart from others often connoting deliberate withdrawal from the world or retirement to a quiet life.

    • lived in pastoral seclusion


ISOLATION this is such a sad and lonely word, just pushing the sounds across your tongue sounds just……….blah.

ISOLATION is what the prison system uses to further punish those who misbehave while behind bars.  It is meant to break people so they never want to do another bad thing.

Many individuals with chronic illness are living isolated lives.  Isolation leads to even more unwanted side effects or exaggeration of current symptoms such as depression, anxiety, worry, loneliness and pain.

No one wants to feel lonely and too many people are scared to admit they feel alone because, simply put, in today’s world, it equals loser, or worse yet, unlovable.  Obviously this is not true, but those feelings are there none-the-less.

Being chronically ill, we have already lost so much……..previous abilities to do what we loved, stamina, a good night sleep, to interact with our surrounding in a immediate and prompt way……adding loneliness into the mix is a huge slap in the face, fuel to the fire.

This world (at least here in the US) is fixated on the health, youth, independence, wealth, and “beauty” at all costs and people do not take time to slow down and go and visit a friend who is ill, let alone even know who their neighbors are…………so what can we do about this?

…….PLEASE, if you know someone in your neck of the woods who is alone, sick, lonely, can’t get out and interact with the world on a regular basis, please take 1 hour out of  the next 30 days and do something about it.  This simple act of kindness, multiplied by many, sends love where it needs to be, with those who can use it the most.  If you are personally unable to get out of your home, send a card or a letter to someone else who is in a similar situation.  Emails are nice and texts can be great too, but taking the time to send a personal note shows you took an extra step out of your day and thought of them in a very real way.  Now please go……………


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in those deep and dark moments of physical and emotional pain you search your soul for strength………….

and in those moments you pray for guidance, for relief – that if there is a lesson to be learned………….to please reveal it in a clear and gentle way………….

maybe it is in these moments when we really learn how strong we are, or maybe it is how weak………..

that we can get through this on our own…………….or that we need others

we are mentally strong enough to tackle it head on……………..or how close we are  completely losing it………….

it is in these moments we realize just how fragile we are……… we walk a pencil thin line everyday………….between making it and breaking down………….


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Maybe it’s just me, but there is nothing worse than being completely exhausted, uncomfortable and not being able to sleep.  Add on top of that, symptoms of CI, and now you have a big helping of a whole lot of no fun.

Yep, I have read the studies and the writings by numerous medical professionals that tell you in, oh so many ways, the importance of sleep.  How sleep is vital to healing and without proper sleep, you become even more ill.  I get it, and I agree with them.  But several of my chronic illnesses come with a “side-effect” of insomnia.  Woo hoo!  Now what?!

It’s not that my brain doesn’t want to sleep, because it really does.  In fact, I fantasize about curling up in bed with my cozy blankets and lying in my cool, dark room with my white noise machine and sleeping for a full 8 hours without interruption.  But my body doesn’t want to cooperate with my brain, it’s frustrating and exhausting.  I know funny…..oh course it is exhausting, because I am not sleeping!

So what is a person with CI to do?  I have read the……………What to do when you can’t sleep articles and tried many of the suggestions.  Unfortunately, I have found that most of the suggestions just don’t work for me.  So here is my very short list of things that I have tried to do to help (with a side of realism):

Reading – I have found this only works if I am really interested in finishing the book.

Essential oils – I have yet to find a scent that doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach after 20 minutes or so.  This results in me having to spend more time out of bed, washing the smell off myself or changing the pillow case I put some drops on.

Music – Relaxing music that plays softly in the background………..I have used YouTube many times for this only to be scared out of my sleep by voices across the room as the YouTube video is over and a commercial is now playing.

Tea – A nice cup of hot herbal tea before bed – up all night peeing.

Milk – a warm glass of milk – I am allergic to dairy.

Movie –  Watching a movie that will make me smile…………During the movie I am sad to realize that I will never be able to do any of the fun things the actors are doing that make this such a fun movie for me to watch.  This only increases my anxiety about all my dashed dreams making it even more difficult to fall asleep.

Exercise – exactly the opposite of what sleep experts tell you to do but I have tried to ride a stationary bike at night to wear myself out.  This leads to sadness as I am out of breath and super tired way too quickly into the ride and I am so sad that I can’t exercise like I use to and……………..I still can’t sleep.

As you can read I really don’t have any good suggestions to give you except…………..maybe trying to finish a really good book.

How about you?  Do you have any suggestions of what works for you…………or  better yet, what doesn’t work!

Until next time……………YOU are a superhero!  Who else could do what you do with so little sleep!