Calling authors who live with a chronic illness!

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One of my 2020 goals for simplychornicallyill is to review 6 books from WordPress bloggers who live with a chronic illness (or three).   Currently, I have two publications on my to-review list,  but I am searching for three more books to read this year.  My first review of 2020 was The Shadow Boxers by Kim Johnson & Karen Anderson and you can find my thoughts here.

So, if you are a chronically ill  and have published a book, or know of a WP blogger who is chronically ill, please send them a link to this post.  All I need is the title of your book and I will purchase it with my own funds, give you a review on this blog, and hopefully help bring more attention to your work.

Thank you in advance for the chance to assist another chronically ill author.


` wendi is author of 3 books and you can check them out here.

76 thoughts on “Calling authors who live with a chronic illness!

  1. Does the book have to be specifically about chronic illness? I was homeless for two years with post polio syndrome, and from the experience I wrote a web book about it on behalf of all homeless. It’s been given page-long glowing reviews by both Rebelle and Namaste and is being read in dozens of nations now.

    It’s a free offerring, just as is all my poetry, and though the editing isco in some places a little rough (most of it was written curbside wolirh one thumb, on a five inch Android), it seems to be doing its job!

    The day I finished it, my soul purpose in being homeless was complete and, so far, I haven’t heen homeless again.

    Here’s the link — scroll down for instructions, or just click on menu to continue through its five sections:

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  2. Brilliance!!! I follow a blogger with Diabetes. Riva Greenburg. She’s on WP under Diabetes stories and she writes and travels all over the world as an advocate for this frustrating illness.

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  3. This is a lovely idea. If you are interested in reviewing a children’s picture book, let me know and I will send you a copy of one of the books my chronically ill son and I wrote together. He is doing well on his current treatment programme but lives with chronic sinus, asthma and a biofilm (drug resistant bacteria in his sinuses).

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  4. This is such a great project. I’m always looking for books with characters with chronic illness/ disability, but have not been able to find many. Most books by chronically ill writers tend to be non-fiction. I am a fiction writer myself, but have not yet shared any of my work on my blog. However, I may do so in the near future if there is a demand ❤

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  5. Hello Wendi Yes, I live with a few chronic medical problems. My names of my books are : A Walk in Time By James A. Best and The Haunting of Marcasite by James A. Best
    looking forward to a review of either book Wendi. Thanks for this awesome offer

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