Celebrating the Holy Days on a Budget

advent advent wreath burn burnt

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“Creating the best memories requires no money.”

~ Charlie Lee Austin


It is that beautiful time of year again when we celebrate Advent, the time we prepare our hearts and minds for the birth of Jesus.

Raising a family of 6 on a budget, I understand the stress that Christmas can create, a time when we feel the need to overdo everything, gifts, parties, meals, decorations…….but all of this costs money and can distract from the real reason of the season.

I have written a book that lists many of the ways my family has celebrated the hoidays while living on a tight budget –  Frugal Seeds 101 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season on a Budget.  It can be read FREE with KindleUnlimited and is available on Amazon in e-book and  paperback.

I would be humbled if you would take a moment to check it out, thank you.


~ Wishing all of you a very blessed Advent Season.


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52 thoughts on “Celebrating the Holy Days on a Budget

  1. If we take the time to slow down at the holidays we can all enjoy it a lot more.
    All I hear from people is how busy they are and how they get stressed.
    It costs you more than just money and time all this Commercialmas – it doesn’t make us any happier it seems.
    So a good reminder that there are more important things that money.

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  2. “Creating the best memories requires no money.”
    ~ Charlie Lee Austin

    You really write beautifully you know? You write about things that are real, and you’re such an inspiration!
    I have nominated you for my sunshine award, and I really hope you don’t say No.
    Being diagnosed with MS myself, I understand a tight budget, exercising, motivation and everything else! You truly inspire me!
    Sending you much love!

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    • I am truly humbled by your generous comments and compliments, thank you so very much. I am very sorry that you understand the issues of living with chronic illnesses all too well, also. Thank you for your visit, I appreciate you taking time to stop by. 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing this. This holiday season is going to be the most difficult we’ve had in quite some time. I’m trying to prepare my kids for no gifts this year and that we are going to be thankful we are together. Thankfully, they are older and are cool with just getting together for a meal and games. I”m saving my pennies so I can purchase your book from Amazon!!

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  4. You certainly have experience of being organised and savvy with your money, and it’s so kind of you to be able to share that with us and put it all into a book to help others. It’s a shame there’s so much pressure on ‘stuff’ at Christmas. Actually, even going out and being sociable can cost a small fortune (the one blessing in disguise for not having friends or a social life 😉) xx

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    • 🙂 I am truly humbled by your words. You are absolutely right, most everything does cost money and there is a lot of pressure to just mindless buy, buy, buy during the holidays!
      Thank you for always being so kind and encouraging Caz, I prayed that today is treating you well.

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