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In the spirit of Christmas and as a huge thank you to all of you who have blessed this little blog with such great comments in my “best life possible” series, I am giving away my copy of The Power of Illness To Change Your Life by Kavi Jezzie Hackaday who blogs here on WP at Live a Holistic Life

Although he does not blog often, when he does, his posts are full of wonderfully helpful health filled content.

I purchased Kavi’s book through Amazon, and I did not want to put it down, finishing it in two days.  This is a major feat for me as I am a very slow reader.  I found it easy to read and understand, with it being part autobiographical and part how he healed his autoimmune disease that he was told was incurrable.

Please leave a comment if you would like to have an opportunity to win my USED (very used) copy.  I am so very sorry, but this is only available for those in the US due to shipping costs.

The winner will be drawn December 10th, 2019 from names of those who leave a comment, by one of my children.  I will contact you immediately for your shipping address and the book will be shipped via USPS media mail.

Happy Learning!



~ wendi is the author of three books focusing on how to save money.  You can check them out here.  Thank you.


51 thoughts on “living our best life possible – book give-away

  1. I’m not leaaving a comment for the sake of winning the book.
    I just think that is a sincerely sweet thing to do, by sharing a book that might help others that could really use help.
    You are such a warm hearted and kind person.
    I hope you find the best recipient that can use this book.
    God Bless, You!!!

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  2. To actually hear that someone cured himself of his autoimmune disorders, somehow I really find difficult to believe. I know the all I’ve done and yet still struggle. Forgive me if I am leaving such a skeptic comment, Wendi. Perhaps for some it is possible, yet for others, perhaps it is their life’s journey? I honestly don’t know anymore.
    As for you, your generosity doesn’t surprise me in the least. God bless you!!
    Sure, Wendi. It cannot hurt. Sign me up. Thank you!

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    • I believe this person to be completely truthful and in the book he addresses just this…..for some, healing may never come despite the hard work that is put into healing.
      He is raw and honest and it was refreshing to read………I love knowing that even if it is not me, someone out there is healing and maybe someday it will be me too. 🙂
      Bless you for your kind words, I am humbled to read them……..

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      • And I believe you, Wendi. I am also very happy for someone who was able to heal from autoimmune problems. I personally know what I’ve been through and still am going through. Let’s just say I hit the wall yesterday. If my husband could have, I asked him if he would carry me up the stairs and put me to bed, I was just that exhausted. Today, however, is a NEW day. Thank God! xo

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      • I completely understand AmyRose……….working so hard to heal and seeing little progress, it is so darn defeating. I am sorry yesterday was difficult for you but today, I prayed that it will be much better – Amen!


  3. i also would love to win the book and i certainly don’t mind it being well used.

    I also wanted to thank you for continued courage to speak about your battle with chronic illness. Thanks for providing a face and a voice for the rest of us.

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    • Great! I will sign you up! Since you do not have a link back to your sight, make sure to check back on December 10th to see if you have won! If you have I will have you contact me via my contact page from my blog. 🙂
      Bless you for your kind words, I appreciate each one and thank you for stopping by……..


  4. yea! How lovely to share such a useful tool and now people have the details they can ask for it at their library.
    As I live in oz and am remarkably healthy I wont be in the running … unless you’d like to row over 😉

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  5. Ooo I’ll go check out Kavi’s blog now. What an amazing giveaway, very generous & a lovely thing for you to do! I’ll have a look at the book on Amazon – sounds like a good read, one of those rare finds that you really get sucked into and not want to put down. Although I can’t enter as I’m in the UK, I’ll just wish everyone entering the very best of luck!
    Caz xx

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    • He has a lot of great information on his blog and if you read all the posts you may not feel the need to buy the book – but it was a good read as I appreciate his honesty (stating that he realizes that not all medical issues will be healed despite the efforts) and the love and peace you can feel in his words.
      Thank you so very much for stopping by! 🙂 I wish you the best day possible.

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