Celebrating the Holidays on a Budget

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I am super excited to announce my newest book, Frugal Seeds: 101 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays on a Budget.  This book is a true labor of love as it includes the many ways my family celebrated the holy season while living on a budget.

I would greatly appreciate you taking a moment to check it out here.

75 thoughts on “Celebrating the Holidays on a Budget

  1. Wonderful you have created this book Wendi.. Congratulations, I am sure it is full of wonderful ideas… ❤

    Loved my catch up with you today Wendi.. I have missed not being here… I just had to take a blogging break, and a month went in a blink of an eye…
    Sending love my friend..
    Stay Blessed.. you are always held in my thoughts and heart dear Wendi ❤

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  2. Congratulations!! That’s awesome!! I’m actually going to bring this to the attention of my boss. I work at a nonprofit & our department specializes in Assets, we host workshops on how to save money and how to shop for the holidays on a budget. She might be interested in purchasing a few copies of your book to share with our clients. 🙂

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  3. Wendi, I love this book! I set out a couple weeks ago to change up Christmas this year. I want my children to appreciate what it’s about not what they get. They came to me with handwritten lists 25 items long each! That’s when I knew Jesus wasn’t the center where he should be.
    The ideas in your book are so helpful. I will also be printing off Colorasmile pages for them to color to “give back” to their community. Oh and definitely going to try your indoor snowball fight idea! I bet it was fun to grow up your house!

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    • Thank you SO very much Caz, I really appreciate your kind words………..Yes, i have been busy when I feel well 🙂 – and this book took my 10 months from the first words I wrote out on paper to hitting publish. 🙂
      Thanks again for always being so kind……..

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