God speaks

green tree near rocky mountains

Photo by Spencer Gurley on Pexels.com


Through the sounds of the seasons

Allowing us to hear His mighty roar through a storm

His gentle touch from the falling rain

His whispers through the wind

His guidance through the moon

His infinity through the heavens

See His beauty in the autumn landscape

His attention to detail within a butterfly

His peace through the face of a sleeping child


And His genius in creating the fascinating, stunning, genuinely original, and lovable YOU ~


84 thoughts on “God speaks

  1. When we break through those inner fears and begin to see and hear that beauty that has always been there, we finally ‘see’ it has great purpose…for us 😀
    Great post kind lady, may your ‘listening’ touch that inner magic more and more 💜

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      • Thank you for your blessings kind lady, but a wife I no longer have. I shared getting her pregnant when we were a grand old age of 16, got married and stayed that way for 26 years (everybody was taking bets we wouldn’t last a year 😀). And as both of our children had grown up and left home, we both just decided our job was done and went our own ways, way back in 2000.
        I have since seen the truth of my journey, and the beauty within the pain we all go through as the years go by. A greater love we will not find 💜
        A friend of mine I have been helping for over 10 years, going through the many ups and downs in her life, finally saw what I speak of. The look in her eyes, the wonder in her expression, and the realisation of what I speak was there for the first time. The tears were so beautiful because they had no pain in them, just the understanding that all she had faced had great purpose…and love…for her 💜
        May your journey have that same understanding kind lady, it will come when it is time…your time, and in it your love, the one we have ever searched for 🙏🏼 💜

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      • First of all, please forgive me Mark for my very big mistake. My brain, which does fail me on a regular basis, “told” me that you were married, so again, I apologize.
        I do appreciate the stories you shared in this response as your words do provide insight into what I am working towards………true love and my journey, through this journey I will find internal love and it will all make sense.
        Thank you for always being so helpful………I appreciate you and your time.

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      • Don’t apologise dear lady, that journey took me where my heart needed to go. It’s truth, regardless of the journey, showed me that it doesn’t matter if we are mass murderers or saints on high. God gave us somewhere to trip, stumble, sing and even fly like an angel…so that we could find that love. We need to see and experience it all or we will not appreciate what we have endured and see that love for what it truly is…that love and happiness we have always sought, and the unconditional in its realisation ❤️

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  2. Wendi this was another beautiful poem. Your talents really are endless and you just amaze me. I feel so honored to read your amazing poetry and I hope you get some kind of patent on these so no one can take your work. You really are an incredible woman Wendi!

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  3. Dear Wendi, when we live in gratitude and learn to appreciate all that surrounds us in love, especially when we then turn that upon ourselves as we learn to appreciate and love ourselves we begin to release all judgement and expectation.. We then learn to love and accept ourselves as we let go of the perceived ideas we have often been primed with from a young age about ourselves..
    Learning to accept we are perfect and that it is only those conditioning thoughts which have long been ingrained within us and we let go of them.. We hear GOD Speak… and each and everyone of us are of that God Spark Wendi.. So listen when we hear those words… She/He chose to love YOU… May we each of us find that pure internal Love of self..
    Beautiful words Wendi…
    Much LOVE ❤

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    • You are absolutely right……..we are programmed at a young age to believe things about ourselves and it seems as if it can take the rest of your life to work through and let them all go 🙂 And absolutely working on the internal love of self……..this is a tough one but working on it daily! thank you for always encouraging, lifting, educating and bringing such hope to me. You are a huge blessing.

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      • I can only do it because I had to do the internal work on myself.. I am still a work in progress… 🙂 but I healed so many things both internally and externally.. Its not an instant thing, yet it can be if we learn to let go completely, but we are human and keep hanging on… lol… I am just happy I have been able to point a way in which we can heal from within.. YOU dear Wendi are the one who is now doing all of that internal work… I tell you what was a great boost to me.. to daily look in the mirror at every opportunity I had.. And look myself in the eyes and tell myself I LOVE YOU… really Love you.. Mirror work works… as you then get to believe and love yourself.. ❤

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      • thank you so very much Sue……..I did try to do it a few times and I have to be honest…..saying “I love you” to myself in the mirror was too difficult……..but I will try it again and work harder at it. 🙂 Bless you for caring enough to leave me suggestions.

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  4. How beautiful and I’ve been God speak to me, especially over the past few days as things are a bit tough with Moms health and some inconsiderate people near her. Just at the moment when frustration, anger and fear could easily mix together and combine a potent poisonous cocktail, a voice in my head allowed me to hear his words “For they don’t know what they are doing” 🙏🏼

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  5. “the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen” (Paul)
    As you indicate…if we simply allow these things to speak to us, we will hear them. David, the one who sang love songs to Jehovah understood that we are “wonderfully made.” His descendant, the Christ is the one who reminds us that we belong to God, are foreigners and sojourners here on earth….and we wait to made whole one day.
    Bless you my dear

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