you are worthy

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YOU my dear are worthy of love

YOU were chosen to be here

hand picked to be on this Earth

there is only one YOU

only one

never before and never will there be another person as special as YOU

today, i celebrate your uniqueness, the qualities that make you special

YOU deserve respect

YOU are not alone

YOU are loved


thank YOU for being YOU



117 thoughts on “you are worthy

  1. I needed to hear these words, Wendi, thank you! Last week, and even up to yesterday so many hurtful incidences with people who showed me the furthest thing from Love. It was horrible yet out of it all I saw fears yet within me that I need to work on. Bless you for this post. You’ve encouraged me!! xo

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    • thank you so very much Caz for your always kind words…… many of us, especially those of us who suffer, can feel less than.
      Bless you for helping so many people through your blog! πŸ™‚ so glad you are here for all of us.

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    • bless you for your kindness! i really felt someone needed to read this, other than me πŸ™‚ and i now this is a huge issue, especially for those who are suffering. May you feel worthy today! πŸ™‚


  2. Whey-Hey!!… YES!!! you most certainly Are…. Very Worthy Wendi… πŸ™‚ totally unique, and beautiful in every way… An affirmation for you from Louise Hay…
    ” Loving Myself is my Magic Wand”…
    Keep waving it over yourself daily dear Wendi… and you will begin to see the transformation from inside out.. ❀
    Love and Blessings dear friend.. BIG SMILES when I read this amazing post/poem.. Affirmation..
    ❀ Much Love ❀

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    • thank you so very much Sue! there is a very long story behind this that I won’t bore you with, but after getting back home I realized that I can’t be the only one who feels this way and i so want others to know they are worthy! we all deserve respect. Bless you for all of your encouragement. I am working very hard, every day to heal from all the past trauma and hopefully begin to truly see healing.
      LOVE and light and peace to you my dear!

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      • What matters is not what we hold from the past.. But how we learn to let it go, moving forward in the now, creating the healing we carry into the future..
        One of my own faults was in thinking I was unworthy, unloved, from young age.. That unworthiness took a lot of work, I know just how much work that takes Wendi.. Which is why I admire your determination to work upon your deep wound.. It will resurface many times before we finally kick it into oblivion.. And we may at times be shocked at what can trigger it back within our memories, just when we think we are free..
        But when we finally release it, and truly, TRULY begin to Love ourselves, from the inside out..
        Then our true healing begins..
        So I So admire your efforts of working towards this goal Wendi..
        you are a shining light … Believe in that Light my friend.. and the deserving of love..
        In gratitude.. for believe it or not, you were instrumental in how you said my blog helped you, has kept me blogging when I was on the verge of closing it…
        SO THANK YOU..
        Much love your way Wendi.. ❀ thank you

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      • thank you so very much Sue……….you have decribed my past very well and how I currently struggle to feel worthy. but, I am working on it daily and i am doing my best to beat this albatrose around my neck! again………there are no words that can adequately tell you how thankful I am that you took that initial step and commented on my little ol’ blog post………it has changed my life. πŸ™‚

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