my prayer for you

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that you experience true love

soaking in the sweetness of being loved for who you are

no matter what your failings, limitations or inabilities that may fill your body


that you feel safe in the arms of another

held when you are unsure or scared

lying closely as your heartbeats create a synchronous rhythm of comfort and respect


that your hand will be held with gentleness and caring to help guide you through life

you are comforted when ill

and protected when you are weak


that you find joy in their presence

your 1,000th kiss will feel like the first

and your day will not be complete without seeing the beauty of your love reflected back in their face




102 thoughts on “my prayer for you

  1. Thank you, Wendi, for this prayer. Your words wrapped themselves around my heart and spoke as a whisper. Beautiful post!! You wove such exquisiteness in your prayer. May your words be returned unto you 100 fold. Bless you! 🎈🎈🎈

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  3. Both of our prayers have been answered in the Sweetest Love I have ever known! He is greater than anything I could have ever dreamt of. I didn’t even know it to dream of it! I am so grateful He saw fit to be the Love of my life! ❤
    My prayer for you is that you experience His love for you new every day! He cherishes you, Wendi! ❤
    Thank you for the prayer! I love my sister in Christ! 🙂

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