white ceramic teacup with saucer

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the delicate tea cups sit on a shelf

dreaming delightful thoughts of being filled

waiting upon the day to soak in their sweet promises


one by one, year after year

the cups crash unto the floor

shattering into hundreds of pieces

leaving an unrecognizable pattern on the floor

too tired and distraught to sweep up the fragments

a graveyard of wishes for me to mourn


the last cup sits upon the shelf


and all i can do is hold my breath

whispering a silent prayer that this one will remain.



~ wendi is the author of two books, you can view them here.

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132 thoughts on “shattered

  1. Oh Wendi this is so sad but the imagery you’ve used is incredibly imaginative. A truly wonderful piece of writing. I’m guessing you’re not doing so great from what you’ve written here so sending virtual hugs and hopes that you have brighter days to come 😊 xx

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  2. Lovely imagery Wendi.
    I feel like my cups have all fallen and shattered, but after gluing the pieces of the last one together it seems to be stronger than before.
    If yours falls I hope the same for you.

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  3. a very insightful analogy .. but you have hope love faith and resilience and although it may feel like the last cup may break that floor pattern is in every way remarkable!

    It’s ok to feel fragile, reach out to those who will support ❀

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  4. I can’t add anything to praise your poetry what has already been said.All I can say is you have poured your pain on paper and the metaphor of losing relations in life one after the another like a broken cup is heart breaking.

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  5. Hello Wendi πŸ™‚
    I began writing a reply to your comment on my post – and then it disappeared! lol. I got interrupted between leaving a ‘like’. Anyway, my friend, it’s good hearing from you too. I hope good things are happening for you this summer. Yes, I can very well relate to your ‘cups’…it’s very difficult isn’t it.
    Love Faith xox

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    • Yes, it really is difficult Faith, as you know, some days more than others! I checked on your blog a few times looking for you and left a message on an older post to check on you. Hope you are doing ok!


  6. This tells me how delicate you have been feeling of late dearest Wendi, The cup may be made of china, and teetering on the edge, but it is far from the last cup.
    It is far from plain, it is a vessel that holds so much love inside. All we have to do is recognise the beauty it holds within. Drink it in..
    I raise my Cup to your Cup Wendi, and we drink to the love of self.. Healing hearts, and to letting go of our shattered past..

    Much love dear friend… Sending continued healing energy your way ❀

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    • God bless you Sue for, again, understanding this poem too! It would be my honor to raise my glass to yours and drink to healing! I am sending you lots of thankful love your way! πŸ™‚


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