the storm

lightning strike the ground during night time

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i stand outside as the storm begins to rage

the thunder rolls in sending animals scattering,

yet i don’t move,

lightening strikes,

shaking the earth under my feet,

my body quakes with fear as the world around me appears to shatter into pieces,

strikes hits too close leaving me cowering in a heap,


can i within stand the storm,

can i endure the constant barrage of raging winds and ravishing rains that beat at my body……..

no place to run,

no place to hide,

not only from the storm but from myself.

i am soaked to the bone,

cold to the touch,

immense fear engulfs my mind

is shelter worth searching for,

my soul cries out for comfort,

yet, do i need saving?



~ wendi is the author of two books, you can view them here.

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85 thoughts on “the storm

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  2. We will go through many barrages in our lives, but they will all leave us with much wisdom…and an ability to trust, believe and love that inner child that is us ❤
    Thank you for sharing that inner child…she may be wet, cold and afraid, but in that heart slowly grows a beauty like no other ❤

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  3. Chronic conditions are such a strict teacher. The affect is so fierce and uncompromising. Living through each storm leaves me physically diminished, and also turned deeper inside endeavoring to determine what is worth saving, and what more can be left behind as debris; always discovering the essential when the sun inevitably returns. Thanks for articulating the intensity of the journey.

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  4. Thank you Wendi for describing that overwhelm that comes over us in the midst of these storms surrounding us! Whether it’s physical pain or spiritual aching, that overwhelm is the same. Oh how precious Jesus is to meet us right there, holding us close to Himself, as no one else can. Love and prayers for you today dear sister.

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    • thank you so very much Bettie for taking the time to read and leave such beautiful comments. we are so blessed to have a loving God that helps us through these trials………bless you for stopping by!

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  5. You give a good analogy of an exterior circumstance to inward issues. At one time several years ago I suffered from anxiety attacks. As they proceeded to come upon me the first few times I didn’t know what to do, but I caught myself wanting to run. But deep down inside something said that running was not the solution. I had to stand my ground and face it directly. Storms will come, storms will go, but by the grace of God stand I.

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  6. A thought entered my mind that you are actually writing about an “inner storm”. I recognized myself within your words when I was in a place, a terrible place, of an unrelenting storm. Brilliant writing, Wendi! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  7. Part of me wants to say “no, you don’t need saving, you’re strong enough to save yourself, because you always do even without realising it”. But the other part of me says “yes, we all need help, we all want saving, someone to provide comfort”. When you wrote about hiding “not only from the storm but from myself” I realised I often think this, maybe not hide from myself but get away from myself, even if just for a while to get away from my overthinking and my broken body and just be someone else, somewhere else, just for a break. Beautifully written, Wendi xx

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    • thank YOU so very much for these beautiful comments…………you understood every word I wrote and I am both thrilled you understood and yet so sad that you understood my words……….the ups and downs and fears and scares of chronic illnesses can be so overwhelming……….God bless you for taking the time to read and understand, it means so very, very much.

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  8. You words dear Wendi touched me deeply, I feel the storm you battle with daily my friend. No one can know what it is to walk within your storm, to feel the relentless rain, as the wind takes your breath from your sails, .. A stormy battle you hinted at the end you think you are not worthy of winning..
    This is the greatest battle of all, Knowing your worthiness dear Wendi, You are very worthy of winning, of being saved from the perils of pain your body inflicts.
    I know not of your personal battle, but I know something of pain, it takes time to strip ourselves bare, releasing and letting go, it takes time to peel back the scars as open wounds become exposed and sore.
    And it takes time to understand and look within to accept and Love, and its even harder to forgive where we have held judgement.
    But I can only tell you, that it is often darkest before the dawn light, and when you think you can stand no more, suddenly a glimmer of light will find its way into your world.. And it will begin to illuminate and shed light into the dark clouds of your pending storm..
    Release your fears, embrace yourself, give yourself permission that is ok to feel the rage within, let the storm flow, let the tears be shed, for each tear, each vent, each lightning strike, sometimes are needed to help release the pent up emotions that have to erupt and spill over that flood us in confusion, leaving us exhausted and spent..

    But after the storm, and all becomes still, and quiet, look for the rainbows, that light which will creep its way into your being.. Nurture it with LOVE, feel the Love of self, and know you are Worthy of perfect health, perfect peace, perfect wellness…
    You are sent so much love dear Wendi, allow the storm to pass over, and seek out your inner child, love as her as your children..pick her up, show her she is far from vulnerable.. Show her how much she is loved, as you nurture her spirit… It takes time to find her.. but she is waiting for your love..
    When you find her, even more tears will flow.. Believe me, its a journey I have been through, I can not compare it at all with yours, because we are each on our own journey.
    But once I found that wounded inner child of mine, the healing began..

    Much love .. I have every faith in your abilities, You are very worthy of saving.. ❤ ❤ ,3

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