ancient arch architecture art

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adventure in hand

thrown into another world

true blessed escape


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wendi, under the pen name Charlie Lee Austin, is the author of Frugal Seeds 501 Ways to Make, Save or Stretch a Dollar.  You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited through Amazon.

68 thoughts on “books

  1. I like your haiku very much. One of my little secrets is in 2011 my symptoms started to affect my ability to concentrate which makes it difficult to read and to remember what I read. This is especially frustrating for a writer who loves the written word. The book looks interesting and practical.

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    • Thank you Robert for your kind words and thoughtful response, I deeply appreciate it.
      I am so very sorry that you have stuff going on with you too……….I completely understand the frustration with lack of concentration and the difficulty reading and writing……….I hope your issues will not deter you from doing what you love. All the very best to you………..

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  2. Good Morning Sunshine ☀️
    Pray that you are doing well…
    I was just about to check in on you. Your read so intently and capture the essence of the piece. You are greatly appreciated, keep Shining

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