bright daylight environment forest

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


sitting quietly among the trees

allow the sun to brighten your spirit

soaking in the power of divine presence

the rays seeping deep into your soul

internalize this moment for cloudy days

adding it to your reserves

so when the sun disappears and the storms rage on

you can recreate in your mind the feeling of better days to come


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~ wendi, under the pen name Charlie Lee Austin, is the author of Frugal Seeds  501 Ways to Make, Save or Stretch a Dollar


121 thoughts on “rays

  1. Wendi,
    Today I was able for the first time in weeks to go sit outside in the sunshine for a few minutes. After being shut in for so long, I truly did appreciate the warmth of the sun’s rays, so your words are very fitting for me today! Blessings to you Dear Sister!

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  2. Ah, we were both thinking of spending time outside today. It’s funny how, even though bright light often causes me so much pain because of my migraines and I have to stay in the dark, I love to turn my face to the sky and let the sun warm me. Feeling the glow fill my soul, I am at ease. But alas, I can’t do that often or my head would explode, or catch on fire, or maybe both. But on those rare days when I can brave the light I will bask in the sun and save savor that moment to be tasted on days that must be spent in the dark. Thank you for reminding me that I can do that.

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    • Oh Wendy…….your words brought tears to my eyes. I know what bright light can do to your head………I have experienced that too, but not to the extent you must endure. I am so very sorry………..on those rare days, I will pray that you can soak it all in and be able to recreate those wonderful few moments in your mind on the dark days. Bless you!


    • Thank you so very much Kim……..I always appreciate all of your kind and encouraging words. Thank you………it was quite a learning experience and I am re-editing the book again as pages did not turn out as well as i had planned. I decided since we live frugally due to everyone in my immediate family, 6 of us, all having at least one chronic illness………why not write down how we do it. Thanks again for always being there!

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      • Yes, all six of us…..but the book is really a list of 501 ways to save, make or stretch a dollar. we do live frugally in order to pay all the medical bills, as you can imagine……….I had no idea I had all of these medical issues until after I had children and stopped once I found out. Too late! yes, second hand clothing….so good job Kim! 🙂

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  3. Wendi/Charlie, I bought your book last week for my easter break and am enjoying your many tips. I use a few vouchers when I can and buy supermarket saving stamps weekly which when added to the loyaltee vouchers from the supermarket, I have been able to buy a very large trolley of shopping without parting with any cash for Christmas.
    One constructive feedback/suggestion for your book…right at the beginning, tip 2, you encourage people not to buy books, check them out. I would place this at the end… you might like people like me to buy your book! Well done and wishing you every success! Le grà, Marie

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    • oh Marie, thank you SO VERY much for your kind words, I am eternally grateful for your thoughtful words!
      You are so right and I appreciate your suggestion. We really struggled with putting it in the book……….I believe most books should be checked out at a library but since my book will probably never make it to one, I will change where it is located in the book. Bless you for giving me this very good suggestion!

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  4. Wonderful Wendi, Keep internalising those tranquil moments of connection with nature. Trees bring so much healing when we speak to them and ask for their shared energies.. I love to sit with my back against their bark and feel the pulse of their rhythm. ❤

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  5. Yay…. I have caught up and the perfect post to end up where I left off, On this Post RAYS…
    Your words all of them brought light and rays of sunshine into my evening.. LOVE and Light dear Wendi.. ❤ take care and enjoy your weekend ❤

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