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without my past

the future could not look so bright


without darkness

the light would not be so celebrated


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~ wendi, under the pen name Charlie,  is the author of Frugal Seeds: 501 Ways to Make, Save or Stretch a Dollar.






60 thoughts on “past

  1. I don’t believe in the Ying Yang philosophy. But I do believe in a Godly balance in life. And all these things play vital roles that make us who we are.

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  2. Funny how God designed us: we end up in so much turmoil and struggle, whether through our actions/thoughts or others’. But GOD! In His grace, God designed us to learn from and grow from those struggles. This is part, I think, of why God wants us to write things down. We can look back and see where He’s brought us, we can see the steps to His miracles, we can reflect in wonder and look at the light ahead.

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    • You are so right Kathy, writing it all down we are able to look back and see where we have been and in some cases, how far we have come. There is nothing better then witnessing miracles in our lives and in those around us. Bless you for such a wonderful and thoughtful comment Kathy. 🙂

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  3. I am so sorry for being so late with being able to read and comment on this amazing post. This was really brilliant and very true. You have the most amazing outlook on life and I love that about you. You definitely keep me grounded and help me to never let the bad times in life keep me down!

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