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The title of my blog gives away the fact that I live with at least one chronic illness.  Now, I don’t want to brag, but I actually live with several, and as interesting as it sounds, it is not a whole lot of fun.  Unfortunately I am not the only one in my family who lives with such a burden.  Every person in my immediate family lives with at least one chronic illness.

As a result of all of our medical bills, we have learned to live on a tight budget.  Over the years I have had to learn to be frugal and about 6 months ago I decided to put some of  my frugal ways into a book,  Frugal Seeds: 501 Ways to Make, Save or Stretch a Dollar.  It is now available in both paperback and e-book on Amazon.  The entire book can be read for FREE with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership.

You will notice it is written under a pen name.  This has been done as I working on additional books and I am determined to keep the lives of my children private.  Thank you for understanding.



71 thoughts on “frugal seeds

    • Thank you so very much Grace. As much as I try to be positive and look at the bright side, there are days when it is a total suckfest! Thank you so much for stopping by………….


  1. Woooohoooo this is awesome, available as paperback too is so cool! You should be very proud, Wendy, I think it’s an incredible achievement to write a book (all the more so when dealing with chronic illnesses). I’ve learned to be super frugal too but I think I’ve always had a more spendthrift mindset, never spending what I don’t have and never paying over the odds for things. Since losing my job and mounting financial pressure, saving money here and there became all the more important. Do you have plans to write anything else in future do you think?
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so very very much for your kind and uplifting comments Caz, I really do appreciate it. I love reading that you are also frugal and understand the value of saving money when you are able. Yes, I have a few more books in the work. This first one has taken a very long time and has been a good learning experience. Bless You again for your kindness. 🙂

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  2. Wonderful and congratulations Wendi on the publication of your book. And what a gift for others as you share those tips. Though I wish you hadn’t your chronic illness.
    It is only through you and another who read my blog that inspires me to keep blogging. By what you have said to me on how my posts have helped. I nearly closed it down recently.
    So know you matter.
    And I know your book will help and inspire many more to be frugal as your tips help them through tough times 💓😘🤗

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    • Oh Sue……….your deep, thoughtful, encouraging and kind comments always bring happy tears to my eyes. I just wish I could convey how you have brought such hope into my world and how deeply grateful I am. Someday I pray that I can meet you face to face! 🙂


    • Oh my goodness Christy I am blown away by your kindness and I am humbled with such an offer. I will be contacting you today via email. Thank you………..those two words just don’t seem like enough! 🙂

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    • Thank you so very much. It was a ton of work but it is like writing a novel…….but it has been a great learning experience and I look forward to doing it again soon. Thanks again for your kind comments, they are deeply appreciated.


    • Oh AmyRose, that is so very kind of you to say. It was a huge learning experience and since I haven’t even seen the book yet, I hope the word print correctly on the pages. 🙂


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