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true love is not easy, in fact it is down right hard.

loving someone when everything is going well is easy, so easy it makes me laugh.

real love is when you stick around for the hard stuff.

the real hard stuff isn’t financial troubles or family squabbles…..

if you are physically well, you can work two jobs, it might be hard but, if you are healthy it is doable.

family issues can be worked out if you have the health to endure them or capable to physically pick yourself up and move.

but illness………it shakes you to the core.  lives are transformed in an instant, roles change, individuals get lost in the symptoms leaving the caretaker to fed for themselves in a sea of uncertainty.

only with true love do you have the freedom to heal.

Today, may you experience a sense of healing, no matter how small.


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~ wendi, under the pen name Charlie, is the author of Frugal Seeds: 501 Ways to Make, Save, or Stretch a Dollar.

125 thoughts on “true love

  1. I know somewhat of your pain. Unlike a relationship of any type, you can’t walk away from health issues. They follow you because they are a part of you. Many times I’ve found myself in your predicament. High blood pressure has been a long fought battle. A-fib is a more disturbing issue, but anxiety attacks are the ultimate issue I’ve had to face. I wanted to run away, but my inner self asked me why, so I had to fight that battle directly in my face. It creates a whole new perspective of life ahead of you. Forgive me. I’m a long-winded sort. When I feel the pain of someone, I feel to reach out and give hope away. I sense there is hope in you. Bring it to the forefront and make that your display not only to the world but for yourself. There had been speculation as to what the Apostle Paul’s thorn in his flesh was. Some say it was a chronic disease. Some say otherwise. No matter though. He suffered something that he wanted to be removed, but God saw different and yet he wrote most of the books of the New Testament. You said you’re not a writer, yet you convey your thoughts well. Continue on.

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    • Thank you so very much Jim for taking the time to read my post with your heart and soul. I am so very sorry that you know the pain and discomfort of chronic illness and I have said a prayer for you and yours.
      Thank you for your encouraging words…… have no idea how deeply I appreciate them. May God bless you as you bless others………


  2. Healing of the spitual heart is thru Christ Jesus Thru Grace(given freely) is all incompassing Love. Never limited or lost. With this healing, understanding of physical healing can be dealt with. Our God can and will take care of everything. Ty :))

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  3. Dear Wendi, your words here ring so true, yes living with chronic illness is bad enough for the person living with it.. But when that family unit gets really tested is when others have to live with those who are suffering from it.. That requires TRUE love..
    I have been fortunate in that I was supported throughout by my true love.. 🙂 and understood by those I love..
    Good to see you Wendi, sending continued well wishes my friend..
    Love and Blessings ❤

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  4. So true. We know that Death walks at our shoulders but don’t really believe it until a threat to mortality, to life as we know it shows up at our door. Love is always and everywhere but harder to find when I feel life shouldn’t be the way it is, it should be the way it was. Having lost my beloved of almost fifty years, one year ago on Valentine;as Day, now it is my work to open to that love coming in from many channels and not just from the station I was intimately tuned into. How sweet to discover more every day. Working at it. Judi B.

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    • Judi………such powerful words you have blessed me with in your comments and I want to thank you. I am deeply sorry to read of the loss of your beloved, I cannot imagine your pain. I can feel your deep love for him in your words……thank you for sharing.


  5. Wise words. 🌸 Chronic illness brings down around 83% of relationships…something like that. It’s staggering. It takes everything out of everyone, until there’s nothing left for anyone. It’s absolutely lovely to see spouses out there still adding special touches to their partners day, even after years and years of illness. The only explanation is love. Thank you for sharing this with us. 💕

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    • It is so good to “see” you today as you have been on my mind these last few weeks.
      You are so right…….it can lead to nothing left for anyone………your words hit my soul as such truth. Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit and comment……..I deeply appreciate it!

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  6. Enjoyed reading this and it resonated with me. When first diagnosed I didn’t believe my husband would stick around and stay with the new me (I didn’t like myself much and the new life thrust on me). However ten years on and we are better now than ever. I had to learn not to push him away while he was only trying to help. Trusting and loving has lessened my anxiety about my illness and I can open up and be truthful, allowing us to both have the love and support, and that in itself has helped us find ways forward to help with the chronic pain and fatigue. Another lovely piece of writing. Hope you are well x

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  7. How perfectly true your words are, Wendi. When illness strikes the entire family structure is shaken and sometimes smashed. True Love is tough when the going gets tough. Been there time and time again. Yet the benefits one reaps when that one sticks it out through those tough times …. Life-changing!!! Awesome post! Thank you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  8. Wendi, your wirds are just so very true. When chrinic and se ere illness hits you, your life is just totally turned around. And I totally agree with what you say about the Caregiver. My husband bears the brunt of everything, and he is not healthy himself. We manage alone. Our love has stood the test. But it is hard. Really hard, sometimes I hear other people moaning about their problems, which are minor really, and I feel very upset. I shouldn’t but I do. All that you say Wendi is so true. Much love to you x

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    • Thank you so very much for your kind and understanding comments. Yes, chronic illnesses turn your world and all of those around you completely upside down and it never really uprights itself. I have no idea how you and your husband deal with all that is on your plates but I am thrilled to know that your love has stood the test of time. It makes my heart fill with joy to read and hear happy stories like this.
      I agree, it is difficult when you struggle each day to live a semblance of a normal life to hear people whine about completely insignificant things. Bless you and yous!

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  9. You wake in the morning and take an accounting of your condition for the day. Perhaps you can do some work. If you are in too much pain, you understand it. It is the inability to recover from the most mundane tasks the body lacks. “It’s because I did to much yesterday.”
    For some people, that is their growth pattern. It doesn’t change the soul, the part that other people love.

    There is something mitochondrial that is plaguing our people….and there are too many contributors to say it is any one thing.

    I hope you and yours are managing your pain(s) well. Hopefully there is still joy.

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    • Mark, bless you for stopping by and leaving such a beautiful comment, I am truly humbled. I hope my soul has remained in tacked after all these years……….I work hard at it.
      May your day bring you smiles. 🙂

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      • I read up on your conditions and it must be very difficult. My wife has been battling the CF/Fibromyalgia spectrum of autoimmune inflammation and we all see how it takes a toll on one’s body (and spirit sometimes).
        Peace to you

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      • Thank you so very much Mark for your kind words. Yes, it is difficult, and some days are better than others. After so long it does take a toll on you mentally, physically and spiritually. I am so very sorry to read that your wife is struggling too. I am sure it is very difficult to watch your beloved suffer. Blessings to both of you.


    • Thank you so very much Renee for not only taking time to visit but for also leaving such a precious comment, I deeply appreciate it. Yes, true love is such a beautiful thing and can sustain us through difficult times. 🙂 May your day bring you smiles.

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