close up photography of snowflake

Photo by Egor Kamelev on



So many fall

Never to return

On through life

Without a repeat


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~ wendi, under the pen name Charlie, is the author of Frugal Seeds: 501 Ways to Make, Save, or Stretch a Dollar.

96 thoughts on “snowflakes

  1. Loved this Wendi, wise words, that have a dual meaning.. We can take the snow, each flake individual unique to land and last only a short time or not at all..
    Or we can view our human selves as the snow flake, each too unique to experience this life for a brief span of time in the scheme of Eternity.
    Take care in the awful conditions in the USA.. ❤

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  2. Hi Sweetie! I really hope this will be okay with you, but in the post I have had scheduled for tomorrow is recognize how incredible I find you to be. I am sorry in advance if this wasn’t a good idea on my part. I do have so much love and respect for you and wanted others to know this as well!

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