more of the good

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Like so many other people on this small planet, I take the beginning of a new year to set out goals that I hope to accomplish over the next year.  I have a lot of them, eat healthier, move my body more, spend more time in nature, save more money, pay down debt, read more books, spend more time with God and go on more dates with my husband.  As I was mulling over what it is I would like to accomplish this year, I realized that I really just need to spend more time doing the good stuff and less time doing the bad stuff.  Yep, that about sums it up!

Wishing all of you a very blessed New Year!  May you reach your goals………


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~ wendi, under the pen name Charlie, is the author of Frugal Seeds: 501 Ways to Make, Save, or Stretch a Dollar

71 thoughts on “more of the good

  1. Sometimes I seem determined to pick up the broken shells rather than the perfectly lovely ones left by the tide on the beach. I cannot walk a beach anymore, but I can always determine which sells will best serve me going forward. Judi B.

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  2. Wow, wow, that sure is a lot of goals. Good for you. Living healthier is a challenge I hope to achieve too.
    Wishing you well through your endeavours. Blessings for a healthy New Year.
    I love the picture on this post. It inspired me for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for that. ☺

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