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As we enjoy the beautiful lights this holiday season, let us remember what this time is truly about.  Please take a few moments out of the next month to think about those who are less fortunate and make a plan on how to help.  Small actions on your part can make a huge impact on others’ lives.






Those (in need)


Now go let your beautiful inner light shine onto others!


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77 thoughts on “light

  1. Beautiful Wendi, and love what you have done with the word LIGHT.. May Light and LOVE shine down upon you and your family dear Wendi..
    Sending Love and Healing your way dear friend.. Another little exercise I came across that will be easy for you do do is this breathing exercise.. 😀 It is similar to the virtualisation technique of Qi Gong I do within Spring Forest Qi Gong.. bringing the energy from behind the navel ..
    No need to answer this comment dear Wendi… love and Blessing… ❤

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