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……caring enough to do something about it


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39 thoughts on “humanity

  1. Profound Sentence with so much meaning on many levels… May those of us who care keep doing our part, even if it only be a little at a time… Giving to the homeless, even if you can afford nothing more than a smile… and picking up litter… Caring for Humanity and Nature.. So many seem to have lost that ability recently.. ❤
    Love and Well Wishes.. ❤

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    • Sue, you making such kind statements means the world to me. You are so right, caring takes no money, just time to do what is right and love all that we encounter. Thank you for the encouragement.


  2. Wendy, this is so spot-on! Caring is the very essence of humanity…. In these times, it’s easy to think there’s not much humanity left, but there are examples of individuals making a difference in their little part of the world every day. You’re one of them, sweet friend. Blessings to you!

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    • Oh Terri, you are way too kind but I thank you for your generous words. I know there are so many people who do so many acts of kindness, they just go unseen, where those who create chaos are put in the spotlight. Blessings to you to making the world a better place.

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  3. Often, when I see man’s structures in the way of a nature view, I think on how beautiful it all must have been before humanity built, changed, and controlled the earth. Your post makes me think on what humanity was like before we took control.

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