the unkind

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don’t allow less than kind people to steal your precious energy and joy,


take a deep breath,

and show them the love they must be lacking in their lives.


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83 thoughts on “the unkind

  1. Wendi, you have such a beautiful heart. You’re so right about not letting those less-than-kind people steal your joy. I’ve found that often when people are being cold or unkind, rather than reacting to them, responding with kindness can result in a dramatic change to their attitude. If not, though, that’s on them, and we can’t let them impact our emotional wellbeing. Blessings to you sweet friend!

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  2. It’s crazy how many people take pleasure in being unkind, and call it being outspoken, or some such thing. It is also very hard to rise above the mean-ness of some people. But, you are right, we need to rise above it–it only hurts me to let bitterness and hatred have any room in my life. So, it’s good to be reminded of that!

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  3. And that is it in a nutshell… The LACK of LOVE… it shows up in so many places with unkind words and deeds…
    All we can do is send them love, even silently, helps change energies.. One thought at a time.. For thought Creates…
    LOVE and Blessings… Enjoy your week Wendi.. ❤

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  4. So, so, so relevant. I, for one have gone theough some hard times where I was most inspired by the love and cate from people when I felt I deserved it the least. I vow to keep that love alive, taking every opportunity to share it!

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