new day

photo of field full of pumpkins

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….when your soul is filled with a childlike anticipation of the new day,

your mind will experience the day’s events in a whole new light………..


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50 thoughts on “new day

  1. Wise words my dear friend. Life has been hard for you and I can see it with the wisdom it has blessed you during your struggles of adversity.
    Like me you have chosen to use these moments to find the lessons within instead of letting them define you and become bitter. Not always easy, but my hat is off to you for never losing your sense of childlike abandon and still seeing the wonder and beauty in everything. Those are the ones who inspire others, who are the beacon of light when others can’t find the path. Well done my dear. Hugs

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  2. It’s such a shame we all too often lose that childlike anticipation and pure joy. Very wise words and a wonderful reminder to appreciate the new day, to look forward to the possibilities. I hope the week is a positive one for you lovely xxxx

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      • I was glad to have a little time for reading blogs today. Often, I am a little too busy for as much reading as I want to do:). I needed to do a little cleaning–it’s been a wild weekend. Little Jake was here for an hour during the late afternoon, and wanted to stay longer, but Rob took him home when he took Patsy to evening youth group at church and I dug into the mess. I’m feeling pretty happy about it because there are many Sundays when I don’t have a lot of energy left by evening, but today I did, and it looks a lot better and lots of laundry is done and put away:)

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      • YAY! sounds like you have accomplished a lot today and it always feels so good when you can see the rewards of your hard work through nourishing food for your family or a clean(er) home or clean clothes. Thank you for sharing!

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