saying goodbye

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We morn for those we lose……….not just because we will miss them until we see them again, but we morn what we did not do……….we morn our regrets.


Slipping quietly into the next world…………before I could say I love you, one – last – time…..


And now they are gone…………and I can’t say the words that should have been said……..when they could hear them and respond.


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64 thoughts on “saying goodbye

  1. I know. That’s always difficult. My parents told me a gentleman that I knew was in the hospital. I intended to go see him, but never did. Unfortunately, he passed before I “made” the opportunity to go visit him. I now regret that I didn’t take the time. I never had a chance to say “goodbye”. 😦

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  2. Losing someone we love is always so difficult. No longer being able to hear their voice again, share happy memories together or tell them what we did. It is something I can never let go or get over. We always have to remember the ones we love and think of all of the happy times together.

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  3. I actually do not know this feeling as of yet. I know that it will come one day. For now, I will say “I love you!” and give hugs as much as I can. Nice of you to send this reminder, because there is never a set time, so we should always share our love as much as possible.

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  4. I feel your words written from your heart Wendi..
    And yes it is our grief, our loss, that we mourn ..
    I recently went to a friend’s funeral, and she asked her family all dress in Pink.. So women were in bright colours and men wore pink ties or shirts. It looked more like a wedding than a funeral..
    She asked us all not to mourn her passing, but instead hold joy, that at last she was returning home..
    She said to think of it a going home party, not a departing, but a welcoming..

    Working in the field I have over the years, I know for certain that those who have departed if tied by the bond of love, they will know of your love and hear your heart as you send it out to them..
    So do not chastise yourself for not being able to say in person the words that are already naturally being sent out from your heart..
    For they hear them.. Just hold them close in your thoughts and send them love..
    Love is what binds us together..
    And remember most importantly.
    The best healing exercise we can do for ourselves.. Is to send that love to ourselves.. And hold our own hearts in that Hug..

    Sending much love your way..
    Sue 💖🌈💖

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