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loss makes you realize just how much more you have left to lose……..


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74 thoughts on “loss

  1. Yes. It does. And loss isn’t always another person. It can be a dream, a part of ourselves, a hope we had for someone else. So much loss. It is hard to cope some days. Today is one of those days for me

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  2. Enjoying what and who we have is so important. Reminders like this are great because they help us refocus on what really matters. Thank you sweet Wendi! God bless you! 🙏

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  4. Loss is a great reminder of what we have so true.. Understanding too that if loss is about life, then we can find solace in knowing All life is Energy, And we are Eternal BE-ings., who transform from one existence to another..
    This last few months I too have lost, a dear friend, and an aged Uncle. The last of my uncles in fact.. But what we can do is turn the way our mind views the loss.. And think not on the empty days ahead without them. But on the days they filled our hearts with smiles and love..

    Sending Huge Hugs across the airwaves.. No one can fill that empty chair.. But your heart can be filled with the love of their essence from which spilled their life into yours. ❤ ❤

    Love and Blessings dear Wendi.. ❤

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  5. So true Wendi! Whether is be a person or a pet, loss is a terrible thing to go through. I feel like over the past few years I have experienced so much loss and it has been so sad. It went from my sweet grandfather, to my husband’s grandmother, to losing the way my husband was, to one of my cats, etc. Loss is never easy and getting completely over it seems impossible. Wendi you are such an amazing person with a sincere heart!

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  6. @simply!! Beautiful Word!! I too live a simple life. I do understand. That simply word ((Lose)) is a positive Word. It is what how we use it. You continue living and enjoying what you do. Ok? it is truly what I do. You and I are Winners!! \0/\0/ ((Hugs)) 🙂

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