this moment

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…don’t let the fear of the future rob you of this moment’s peace……


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82 thoughts on “this moment

  1. Loved your thought for today Wendi. It made me realize I have been allowing things to discolor my future desires this summer. I smiled and grinned as well. Thank you for sharing this picture and thought behind it.

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  2. Love this – simple, just like you want it to be. I welcome you into my world of blogging and hope you find much of interest as you browse and read all those wonderful things that the collective of bloggers post for us all to enjoy, digest, think about. Many blessings x

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  3. Hello Wendi, I just read in the comments you are not doing too well. I am sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do? Can I make you a picture? Please tell me your favourite colours and things, dear friend.

    BTW…I love this quote. I worry all the time about my future now.

    Love and (((HUGS))), Faith xo

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    • Oh…….you are so very sweet and kind Faith……..yes, it has been a struggled but today I am going to actually try to post something on the blog……..I miss everyone and being ill sucks……….but you made me so happy just to read your note. Thank YOU so very, very much for reaching out.

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      • wow……..what a blessing…….I love all earth tone colors………….black, gray, browns, tan…….and green, blue. I also love Lake Michigan and seagulls………..I really love the fall and the changing colors of the season….pumpkins…… anything I wrote helpful?
        You are too kind my dear!

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      • Those are lovely colours – I love most colours myself. We have seagulls where I live on the east coast of Norfolk, England, in a small village; we live right by the sea. I came back home here after living abroad. Autumn is a wonderful time, I like the changing colours and cooler weather. I will try to make you a good picture Wendi 🙂 xo

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      • oh my goodness……….it sounds as if you live in an picture book location. small village, by the sea……! I know I am probably fantasizing it but as I watch all of BBC shows and those that are filmed by the ocean make me want to jump through the screen and experience the scenery.
        Whatever you create, I know it will be amazing.

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      • It’s very pretty here and I do miss my long walks by the sea, along the shoreline. It’s also a bit like the English Florida with the old folks coming to retire here (in certain parts of Norfolk) from all over Britain, lol. Unemployment in the cold seasons is bad though, that’s why I left all those years ago to work as an au pair or nanny in Germany. I would like to visit New York and San Francisco, New Orleans, maybe one day if my health will allow it. The BBC is good, isn’t it 🙂 I especially like the crime shows and David Attenborough.
        Thanks, I’ll do my best 😀 xo

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      • Faith……it sounds like heaven………..and yes! BBC is awesome…….way better than US tv. I have been to the cities you listed and yes, they are all amazing in their own ways but wow, to live by the ocean……..

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  4. The Good Lord is blessing me in SO many ways, my Dear Wendi! Among the blessings, is the privilege and real Pleasure of being able to teach the children of my village school some Values and the English language. …But do You know what? I simply HATE the idea of holidays! I miss the Children and the classes so much! As You say, Needed a bit of Ear pulling, which Your post did. Thanks and Love. 🙂

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