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in your arms i experience true peace

no place do i feel safer, not even in my own mind – which creates chaos and worry

my chest full of rapid beats – you wrap your strong arms around me

your presence………

calms my heart

calms my thoughts

calms my soul……



45 thoughts on “you

  1. Wendi,

    This entry spoke to me. I know this feeling and it haunts me.

    You stir the very heart of life when you write like this.

    Whatever else may be true of your circumstances…whatever suffering you may endure…

    When you write like this…you are one with the heart of life..

    Holding my hand over my heart…I share this moment with you…

    Thank you for your kindnesses to me…Warm regards…John H.

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    • John……….Your comments brought me to tears…good tears. I cannot thank you enough for your very kind and thoughtful words. I went to your blog trying to find a way to contact you directly but was unable to do so………but please know that you have no idea how thankful I am for your appreciation.


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