child like

photo of a girl playing with the camera

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yes…….childlike wonder i still have in my soul

despite the years i have behind me, i still see the would through the eyes of a child

it may seem silly for one of such age to get so excited by a butterfly, a flower, a happy dog with his head out a window, a poem, a sunset, or a friendly comment

but………my heart still skips a beat when i see small tokens of joy present itself

it is as if God is telling me…….i am here……and……i never left……..

58 thoughts on “child like

  1. Oh, I do understand! The simple things are so much more meaningful because we don’t get out much, so we focus on the beauty around us. Some days just seeing a hummingbird or hearing the song of a whippoorwill totally makes my day! Blessings on you today my friend.🤗❤

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  2. Absolutely, God’s love speaks to us in many different ways!

    May your heart always be child like, to enjoy every butterfly, every flower, every sunset; the friendships you’ve made. May EVERY skipped heartbeat, be a smile to you from God’s love. Child like hearts, has always been; His greatest joy! God’s love never leaves, it’s always near. Let it talk to your heart, it will never be silly; you’re His child!

    You have a wonderful heart Wendi, God bless!

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  3. I am a child at heart and still squeal at the sight of glitter, bubbles and play dough. My blog started out as a blog on all of the latest children’s movies, books and games(You can check out my website at but now I also write reflections and share positive quotes to add some hope and positivity in people’s days.

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  4. It is a Great thing to have the Qualities of a Child, and it is Beautiful and Wonderful that You have them, my Dear; this Despite Your troubles. Kudos on this.

    The messages You bring in in Each post: Here, God telling Us that He Is Here, that He Never Left, are Very Powerful ones, and Very Helpful.

    Love to You, my Dear Wendy, and Regards.

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