10 ways I feel like Albert Einstein while living with chronic illness

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  1.  I can remember where I put my keys the last time I used them
  2.  I can find my purse when I need to leave without help from one of my kids
  3.  I remember that my sunglasses are on the top of my head within two minutes of searching for them.
  4.  I can create a blog entry in less than 3 hours without crying
  5.  I remember to bring my grocery list with me to the store
  6.  I remember I have list with me, and use it at the store
  7.  I can find my phone 75%………ok 50% of the time
  8.  I can summarize what I read in a book from the day before
  9.  I remember an appointment without being reminded by one of my calendars
  10.  I am able to help my kids with algebra

…….as you can read, it really doesn’t take much!

64 thoughts on “10 ways I feel like Albert Einstein while living with chronic illness

  1. I can “one up you” on the sunglasses….during my recent drive to texas the sun was coming in from the drivers side window so I asked my passenger to dig in my purse for my sunglasses or even my “spare sunglasses”. She looked for twenty minutes before finding the spare pair, and I didn’t realize I was already wearing sunglasses until i tried to put the other pair on too….smh

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  2. I believe it’s the small victories that remind me that I can do this! But it’s still so incredibly hard to accept when I forget the little things. I still have to write everything down! Otherwise consider it forgotten. 🤷🏽‍♀️😌

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  3. So impressed with the grocery list :O) I’ll go to the store for ONE thing, end up buying half a dozen things that I don’t really need and end up going home without the one thing that I went in there for in the first place!

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  4. You had me at… “find my keys”… I have created full-proof solutions to my inability to find things. I now have a key holder bythe door. Sunglass and purse are always placed in the same spot not far from the door. I got the loss of memory bad.. can you tell? I also “feel you” on posts taking a while. 😳😆 Great list… You got me beat! 😉

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    • Yes! I love that you have a place for everything…..and I so need to do this but my brain feels constantly distracted when I am at home. I now have a goal for the rest of the week…….keep my purse, glasses and keys in one place!!! Great advice!

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  5. I have MS and your struggle with short term memory issues. I loved your list and connected with it entirely!!! Lately driving is a constant process of turning around because I made another wrong turn. I have a 2nd Cognitive Thinking Evaluation in 2 weeks. 2 years ago I was still in normal range but I was at bottom 10%. I wonder what this year’s evaluation will look like?!

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