I can’t remember squat

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…..and it is so darn frustrating and down right scary some days.  There are times the brain fog is so thick is seems as if I am trying to think my way through oatmeal, and the old-fashioned rolled ones at that.  I can’t remember peoples’ names, words, what I walked into a room for, or what I was going to say next.  These symptoms scare me, big time, and I have to work hard to keep my emotions in check as anxiety can come on strong and put me on a train to nowhere.

So, to assist with my memory, here are a few things that I do:

  1.  I make a lot of lists.  I keep a running list of items needed at the grocery store and  things to do …………….now if I can only keep track of all my lists!
  2.  I keep a calendar on my phone plus one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.  I also keep separate calendars on the wall for each of my kiddos major projects, homework, and tests.  I realize this is a lot of calendars, but it has taken me years to discover what works for me.
  3.   I try not focus on my mental hiccups as it leads to anxiety which makes every single symptom in the entire world worse!
  4.   I consume healthy fats for my brain.
  5.   I do my best to stay properly hydrated.
  6.   I try to keep my brain active by reading, listening to music, researching, meditating, and trying to learn something new.  Who couldn’t be helped by memorizing some Shakespeare?…..shall I count the ways?!
  7.   I take omega 3 fatty acid every day.
  8.   I take magnesium every day.
  9.   I eat a large salad every day.
  10.   I try to move my body daily with some type of physical activity.

Memory issues, from my experience, seem to go along with many of chronic illnesses.  I would LOVE to hear what helps you………..




86 thoughts on “I can’t remember squat

  1. Hmmmm. I just found your dear blog, after your connection to mine. I feel for you, and stand with you, for what it is worth. In connecting to weirdo’s like me, It is good to have an open mind. I have experienced much of what you are going through and would love to help pass information along, if it would be of service to you. I will study your situation a bit more in the next few days, and perhaps might have some things that could help you further. Blessings and strength on your journey.

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  2. Oh dear Wendi, do I ever sympathize with you! I, too, struggling with “Losing It” as I once wrote on my blog. It can be very disturbing and disheartening. I pray for you, my dear sister. Your list is a pretty good one. When my neurologist sent me to a neuropsychologist for brain testing to see what was going on, while he could easily see so many problems that he was convinced was metabolic (all my meds) he was very impressed with memory and cognitive strengths that he said doing puzzle books were helping me with. He even guessed what kind I did. Don’t give up! Me and God love you.

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  3. I just love the way that you work so hard to manage your illness Wendi! On top of that you’re always thinking of ways to help others AND your posts are entertaining too 😊 your positivity radiates from your posts and that is such an inspiration- I have huge admiration for you 😘 xxx

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  4. I rely on a diary and a larger version monthly planner that I print out myself.
    Next year I will print my own diary, as I have found a monthly one that I can print to A5 size. I can do away with the large one, if this works for me. As you say, it’s finding what works.
    I rely on lists too and if studying, I use mind maps. I like things in a visual way, to help me remember.

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  5. I think you’re doing great with all of these things! I try to do most of them myself (aside from the Omega 3 and magnesium at the moment, but I do have both in the cupboard ready to start again when I can). Lists are a big one for me, and noting things on calendars. I try to do crosswords regularly (whether this really helps to keep your mind sharp & flexible I don’t know, but at least they’re fun!) but there’s nothing that’s really made a huge benefit for my memory to be honest so I can’t really share any great advice I’m afraid. I just try to get somewhat organised so I don’t get too muddled with what I need to do and always update to-do lists and shopping lists so I feel a little more in control. I do think you’re doing brilliantly well with the things you do though, so you should feel good about that! 🙂

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    • Thank you so very much for your kind words and your willingness to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. You are the second person to mention crosswords so I am going to be purchasing some crossword puzzle books!
      Yes, you are so right, being organized is so very important and I try hard to do that but wow……when I feel poorly it is hard for me to maintain…….I’ll keep working at it though. Thanks again!

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  6. No one can say you are not doing all the right things.. And yes it can be really scary when we just go blank and lose the thread of thought, but to have it continuous as you have, I admire your coping skills of running a family with all you are going through Wendi..
    I hope you have been trying some meditation practices,, the Ommms are great.. I also if I get anxious or stressed say this simple chant.. Don’t know if I shared it before.. But you do finger actions as well which is bringing focus and attention to motor skills.. Watch the hand movements on the video..
    Sa Ta Na Ma. https://youtu.be/GiKkM9VywzE there is an Om longer meditation on my last post. I found this takes my mind away from pain, and also helps me focus.. I know its not helping with your memory, but it may make you less anxious..

    Love to you and continued thoughts your way. ❤

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  7. Sometimes one can get too many thoughts in the mind at the same time and like a computer, the brain locks up… at that time, perhaps some “quiet” relaxing meditation, thinking absolutely nothing (true meditation) and letting the system reboot… 🙂

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  8. Fighting loss of memory or the ability to remember easily drastically increases with traumatic brain
    injury or events or disease. What is amazing is the brain’s ability to recover this lose and regain use
    of the areas damaged from such problems.
    Work your brain like a muscle that has to be exercised and conditioned. You may be amazed!

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  9. Oh dear sweet Wendi, I understand memory issues more than I care to admit! Heck, I thought that I had already made a comment on this post, but can’t remember! I have an issue with remembering names often, but yet remember dates very well! It is a crazy battle with my own thoughts or lack there of.
    I finally remembered the last time I was at the store to buy Magnesium, as you had recommended it. I started taking it earlier in the week, maybe Monday or Tuesday, but do not think it has been long enough to see any benefits, but I will keep you updated on it! Thank you for always sharing great advice! I hope your weekend is going very well and you are feeling good!!

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    • Hey Alyssa………please forgive me for taking so long to respond………most of your comments have gone to spam and another reader told me to check my spam folder……..thank goodness. I am sorry you experience memory issues too……..it can be very scary. For me, magnesium took a while to get into my system and I needed to take at least 100% or more of RDA in order to “feel” it. For me, it helps with anxiety and therefore reduces my memory issues……….when I worry, things are always worse!

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  10. This is a great list Wendi! It looks like you’re doing a lot of great things to help your brain and set up systems to help. I feel your pain with this….it definitely IS stressful sometimes, but as you said, you can’t focus on it because it can have such a negative effect on your overall health. I’ve found it best to do what I can to improve my brain health and set up those “systems “ that act as my memory, and just accept that sometimes my brain and I may not be getting along….😊 That’s helped me a lot with the anxiety that can accompany the cognitive issues.

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  11. I’m sure you get all kinds of unsolicited advice on how to deal with your illness symptoms. I recently started a change in my diet that has reduced my autoimmune symptoms. Have you seen the documentary “The Magic Pill”? It’s on Netflix, not sure where else. There’s lots of things on your list that are right up that same alley! Makes me wonder if you would benefit, too. I hope I haven’t overstepped my new-reader bounds. 🙂

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    • Oh I am so thankful you stopped by and took the time to read and comment. I actually wanted advice for this as there are so many people out there who walk this walk also……..I have lived a lot of years being ill and I keep working hard to look for answers and trying new things that may help.
      I have not seen that documentary……..so that is now on my to do list, thank you for letting me know………!

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  12. Really glad to see you “remember” that what you eat has a huge impact on how you think/process/remember.
    As for me, my memory helper is my husband. We work with each other that way. Sometimes it works, other times not (like, we write stuff on the calendar, then forget to look at the calendar). I like your list, and will likely use some of your tips (if I remember).

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    • Yes………what we put in our bodies make sure a huge impact on us in all areas……so glad to read that you and your husband work together as a team, it is so helpful. Thank you so much for stopping by Kathy and taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated!

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    • yeah……..I have to admit it does. i had no idea until my youngest was almost 2 and we immediately stopped having children as several of my illnesses are congenital. it has been a very bumpy road and as you know, some days are better than others and some days just stink. Thank you for your kind words!

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      • wow……..thank you so very much for your generous and kind words. you have no idea how you have touched my heart….it is hard being an ill mom……they have never known me well but through this I hope I have shown them just how special and how much they are each loved.


  13. I’ve started keeping a planner right next to a binder that holds all of my medical stuff (different section of binder for each condition I’m treating). On top of that stack is a pad of paper that has sections for different types of lists. There is also a list on the fridge of stuff that still needs to be finished in my house, so I can remember what all Rude Ass is supposed to be working on.

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  14. Yes! “Lists” is practically my middle name 🙂 I completely understand what you are saying ❤ in your well-written post! Hear, hear…

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  15. I was never too sharp, but some years of drugs and alcohol didn’t help. I have a bad short term memory. Reading helps. And I try to read where I let the words soak in. Otherwise I feel like I’m just skimming over.. I used to have an app on my phone where you had 2 minutes to answer as many math problems as you could. It was basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You could do one or the other, or mix it up. That really helped get the mind working.

    Other than that, keeping a schedule and notifications help. And sometimes I miss those lol…

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  16. Simplywendi thank you for this blog. You have lots of great ideas. I took often find myself forgetting things. Sometimes simple things like words, I know that I should know. I lead a busy life so I do puzzles when I can through my phone. There are apps you can download for memory. I heart organically grown food whenever possible. Two new things we do that seem to be helping… H202 therapy and Brain spray from MDC. I never would have found it but for the fact that it is one of the product offerings with the company we get our CBD from that helps my wife with her chronic pain. I hope and pray you find what works for you. Have a great day. 😉

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