tornado on body of water during golden hour

Photo by Johannes Plenio on


a chronic illness is like a tornado……… starts with little warning………the right conditions merging together to create a destructive force

it can create mass devastation to everyone and everything in it’s path with no regard to human suffering

it creates mass casualties

it destroys lives in a matter of moments

sends dreams flying through the air with no safe place to land


it brings people to their knees, crying………”I lost so much”

lives must be rebuilt

and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to rebuild a good life again, complete with blue skies and sunshine


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56 thoughts on “tornado

  1. It genuinely made me shiver reading this – It’s so, so good! I hope we can all rebuild our lives (even if it’s the hardest thing we have to do and doesn’t go as we’d hoped) and weather the storms because chronic illness really can and does rip lives apart. Wonderful post!!  ♥
    Caz x

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  2. That is so true, ….. Chronic illness sweeps through often destroying much around it.. The one thing though that I know it has not yet touched Wendi, is your WILL POWER!… Keep hold of that, Hold it and turn it on its head to become a FORCE of its own, and KNOW you can turn the wind around..
    ( I did )..
    All things are possible.. When we BELIEVE …

    Have you read THE JOURNEY? by Brandon Bays?? A remarkable read of turning life around from Cancer.. I will leave a short clip here on this video link as she explains part of her journey…
    Her Book is remarkable…
    Wishing you well as you become your own tornado..
    Much LOVE.. ❤ and continued prayers and Blessings sent.
    Sue x

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