the rose

flower rose nature plant

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fresh and newly picked, beautifully simple, exquisitely delicate

it slowly opens

growing lovelier with layers and layers of petals, showing more of it’s inner beauty, its complexity

in abundant bloom the rose is in it’s glory, filled with beauty, full of life……..showing the world all it has to offer………..

the day comes when the rose begins to droop, petals wither, brown and begin to fall, the stem starts to wilt………beauty fades………and………it begins to die slowly

just like love……….it begins fresh, new, breathtaking ………….but does it have to succumb to decay?


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29 thoughts on “the rose

  1. Never, if it’s truly forever! Love is complex. To keep it fresh, we need to consistently pour out fresh water from within. To keep it breathtakingly beautiful, new, and the bloom truly lasting; forever abundant. Wonderful post!

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  2. I managed to find and pick 3 beautiful roses from my garden to put in a vase in the kitchen. The scent is heavenly upon entering the room.
    I enjoyed your poem although it is tinged with sadness. Strange how most things follow that arc of birth to splendour to death. xo

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