10 ways I feel like Julia Child while living with chronic illness

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My husband actually came up with this title, probably because he wanted to see just how creative I could be………..or maybe because he secretly wishes I was related to Ms. Child  and some of her cooking genes were in my DNA.  Nope………..and add a chronic illness or three…….cooking is not something I usually enjoy.

So, my friends, the bar for me to feel like a gourmet chef is set really low –

  1.  There is food in the fridge that can be eaten without any cooking at all – yogurt, salad mix, fruit, cut up veggies – hey isn’t eating raw all the rage?!
  2.   There are fruits and veggies on the counter that can be eaten just as they are – bonus points if they are in multiple colors – I know vegan is in!
  3. There are vegetables that can be eaten after being heated up in the microwave – my kids are starting to love sweet potatoes – at least this is what I choose to believe!
  4.   There are still freezer meals  available if you are able to reach deep enough into the chest freezer without losing your balance.
  5.   My pantry has items that can be eaten just by being heated up in the microwave – a can of soup and a can of veggies – hey,  mix those together and I am pretty sure it would taste good enough to try it again.
  6.  There is something cooking in the crockpot.
  7.  There are enough leftovers from the day before to feed everyone another meal!
  8.  I actually cut up fruit and veggies to eat with a meal.
  9.   I prepared something edible with more than three ingredients.
  10.   I have the energy to eat the food once I have prepared it!


And there you have it my friends………… if any of those 10 things are happening, I feel like I am rockin’ it in the meal prep department.


30 thoughts on “10 ways I feel like Julia Child while living with chronic illness

  1. I can sooo relate! I try not to over do it in other areas of the home, to have maybe enough energy to get something quick going for lunch and dinner. And while some folks may like their little ones home for the summer – living with chronic pain can make making daily lunches very difficult. I’m so glad you’ve found ways around this! It’s what we must do to survive – daily. And also be able to feed our families! 😌💛

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  2. In my recent depression I lived off of yogurt with granola, and cans of ravioli. Cooking was out of the question. Even when stable I struggle with finding the motivation to cook. Living alone makes it seem like such a waste to dirty so many dishes and I make a mess of the kitchen. I occasionally order food boxes like HelloFresh and that motivates me to cook a “real” meal and I enjoy all the fresh colorful produce. Grocery shopping used to be such a chore for me until I found a way around going to the store http://sibple.com/how-i-simplified-grocery-shopping/

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    • thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I am so sorry you are experiencing this trouble, extra burdens always makes tasks of daily living so much more difficult. I will check out the link, thank you!

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