lonely road


bare trees at golden hour

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com



no one can truly understand the pain and discomfort of  living

to understand the masks put on every day, to live within the confines of  this society, not to be viewed as worthless, useless, in a culture that wants fast paced living, quick movements, immediate answers, a fountain of youth, boundless energy, radiating health………..

we struggle to even maneuver down this path……….it is twisting, turning sharply with multiple bumps in the road

it’s a lonely road we roam…………..the desperation, the clinging onto hope, the desire to feel normal……………it is astounding thoughts of healing we try to keep alive – pushed to the back of our minds so not to be overwhelmed with the thoughts of what might be.

the road is endless and uncharted.  it is an intimidating place to ramble as the fog covers the path – your view is obscured…………you have no ability to see where you are going.

it’s like taking a trip, to an unknown place without any clue to where you are going or how you are going to get there…………..not a path I would have chosen to take, but one I am on nonetheless.

47 thoughts on “lonely road

  1. Hi wendi I can totally relate to the pain of recovering. I still can not lay on my side when i sleep. That heart surgery they cut both sides of my chest. Sucks but my heart is working right finally after close to a year of shorting out. The one wire that keeps my heart running after 20 years is now replaced with a new wire. Smiling from ear to ear almost lol Great post and keep being positive my friend !!

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  2. I can relate with you. I suffer from chronic pain in my neck and back from previous Car Accidents that left me 12 years later at 41, with Osteoarthritis. I also suffer from Depression and anxiety which can make my pain worse. I often feel broken, but take it one day at a time and a lot of praying. I have gotten better at saying No, and I need help. Easier said than done.
    Thank you for sharing and anyone struggling with Pain, you are all in my prayers in Missouri😊

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  3. Love this. I can relate to the so much. People not truly understanding how you feel. I feel way older than I actually am because of my illness and I can relate to putting on a mask.

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  4. You seem like the kind of friend that I just sit silence somewhere on a couch, a beach, riding along on a long journey with… but without either of us having to say a word, and randomly turn to each other with a simple nod of the head and maybe a “uh huh… yep” and then go right back to the silence. Hours later we would’ve felt like we had such a deep and heartfelt conversation that we both so desperately needed. ❤

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  5. Our bodies are made to last a long time. Whatever your age, pain and suffering does come and go.
    Your mental and spiritual health are in good condition. They will help you recover from your
    physical challenges. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Reinforce all things positive.
    This is an excellent post. Thank you so much for your visits, they are greatly appreciated.

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  6. This is what I enjoy reading. Realism! We tend to like to hide behind a happy face and put on a happy show for everyone. Just tell me how you really feel. There’s nothing wrong with being a human being.

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