free summer meals for kids through 18

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Free lunches, and in some locations breakfast and even dinner, are available FREE to ANY child 18 and under throughout the United States.  Check out the website below to find a location near you.

In our state, most elementary schools and large city parks distribute lunches Monday through Friday.  The below website is good, but many places are probably missing as even our small community has a nonprofit organization, in addition to the government funded summer lunch programs, who also offer free meals for anyone Monday-Friday.

Please know that if you are struggling financially or physically there are places, especially in the summer, to get food.  Please do not be embarrassed to reach out for help.

If you are looking for some free activities (cheap) for your kids, you may find something in this post.


18 thoughts on “free summer meals for kids through 18

  1. Thank you for this post; I was trying to look thru a few of your posts to see if I could ascertain what your diagnosis might be. I am just curious because I have a chronic issue, myself. However, when I’m not in a crisis, I am fine. But, the crises are very dangerous, and depending on the severity, can take awhile to heal. But, I have had it since I was born because it’s a rare Inborn Error. But, I don’t have two heads, or anything. Lol. I look normal. No one even knows I have it unless I’m going thru a crisis and in a great deal of pain.

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  2. Oh Wendi, you know the way to my heart too well. I read ‘free’ and said, go go go go! Thank you so much for this, will be looking into this, using these resources our states offer is incredibly important. I had a lady at an office one time tell me, that if the state programs aren’t being used, they are at risk of being removed. 🙏🏽💛

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