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in those deep and dark moments of physical and emotional pain you search your soul for strength………….

and in those moments you pray for guidance, for relief – that if there is a lesson to be learned………….to please reveal it in a clear and gentle way………….

maybe it is in these moments when we really learn how strong we are, or maybe it is how weak………..

that we can get through this on our own…………….or that we need others

we are mentally strong enough to tackle it head on……………..or how close we are  completely losing it………….

it is in these moments we realize just how fragile we are……… we walk a pencil thin line everyday………….between making it and breaking down………….


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36 thoughts on “pain

  1. Great post. Between chronic pain and battling depression, I’ve found therapy has helped immensely. It’s a realization that we have to try not to be alone in our pain. That we must try to let others in, for love and support. 💛

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      • Hi Wendi.. In the beginning I was distraught.. I was active and it hit me like a ton of bricks.. But I sort out alternative medicine.. After the anti inflammatory drugs gave me stomach problems,. So I gave up medicines, ( again I will say which was right for me at the time.. So I am not saying give up your own treatments ) but seek alternatives to run along side.. Qi Gong.. Spring Forest Qi gong, helped me enormously .. Louse Hay, ‘ You can Heal your Life Book ‘ was another.. Mirror Work.. in her book helped.. as I had a low self esteem. Guilt issues from my childhood.. I also had counselling, Homeopathy, and Acupuncture.. I still have accupunture.. have been having it for nine years.. every month to six weeks.. Its my life saver.. And I joined a programme here in England called Expert Patients Programme which was set up by the NHS to help those with Chronic Illnesses… Which led me to the FMS Society.. which also helped me a lot.. To set myself small goals and achievable targets daily.. When the pain was bad..
        I would at one time walk with a stick.. Now I walk all over.. garden.. and I am what I call 110% better than I was.. As I cleared out alot of the trauma within..
        It is a long process.. Its not an over night miracle.. But I have gone from suffering really Bad Raynauds disease to it vanishing, To my FMS almost completely gone…..
        When I allow stress to invade.. My symptons start to show up.. So I try to keep a clear mind and live in gratitude..
        Not always so easy,, as we are Human with human emotions.. Which is why I try to avoid the negative.. As being empathetic I can find myself taking on others pain as well ..
        So we have to come to really LOOK at ourselves, our body and our Mind to see just where we are..
        So my heart is with you on your journey.. for it is one of Self Discovery..
        Be well Wendi.. remember.. You my friend are WHOLE.. and We each can heal the parts that are torn.. ❤ xxx ❤

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      • Sue, there are no words that can thank you enough for proving me with all of this amazing information. I have already requested the books you suggested from my library and I am going to look into all of this. I do believe that a few of my issues may be exaggerated from trauma, something I am working through but as you know it is a huge process.
        Thank you for caring enough to take time out of your busy day to write all of this down.

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