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When you are watching your pennies, or dollars if you are lucky, a freebie now and then is a nice blessing.  Below is a list of stores who provide free weekly downloads.  May you find something that can be a blessing to you!



City Market


Food 4 Less

Foods Co

Fred Meyer



Jay C

King Soopers




Pay Less Supermarket

Quality Food Center




~ wendi, under the pen name Charlie, is the author of Frugal Seeds:  501 Ways to Save, Make or Stretch a Dollar

9 thoughts on “stores with free download fridays

  1. Wonderful list again dear Wendi.. and I am certain many will be pleased you have highlighted these stores..
    I know how lucky I am living where I do in the UK.. As many struggle, even here in the UK and Food Banks are on the increase and those needing to use them..
    Love and Blessings and hope you have a good day xx ❤

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    • Thank you my dear for such kind and encouraging words. Years of medical bills for my family have given us the opportunity to learn to be frugal and wise with money. LOVE the UK……..I was fortunate to visit England and Scotland as a child……..some of my favorite memories.

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      • So pleased our country left you lots of lasting loving memories Wendi.. and again we are so fortunate here with our NHS despite all of its faults.. We are not bleed dry as I know many are in the States if you are unfortunately ill. Our health system means we pay stamp duty on the percentage we earn Called National Health Contributions.. While those on benefits don’t pay but get it free.. While we still have private health care options for those who can afford and want urgent work done and jump the ques .. The stories some of my WP friends have told of their health care in your country is not good, So I really feel for you and your family.. And it makes me all the more grateful for where I live..
        Wishing you a good day.. xxx Its evening here. x

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      • It was an amazing visit……..and thank you for the lesson on your health care system, I knew some of it but much of it was new info and it makes me think about how we do things here in the US. It is very frustrating.
        Thanks again for taking time to comment, and I hope you have a blessed evening……….

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