the dock

bridge colorful colourful dock

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I am standing on a weather worn dock, sticking out into the ocean.  It is strong and sturdy despite its wear.

behind me is  youthful exuberance, naturally green, full of movement and adventure.

I can’t really see it anymore……….if i turn around i have to squint to make out land, but I can tell it is green and there are people enjoying its beauty.

the waves roll on pass me.  the wind whips my clothing.

i can’t see very far in front of me.  i see the water, the waves coming in.  but there is no land……….no peninsula, no island, not even a boat in sight, nowhere to stop if I fall in.

the waves keep picking up speed.  the white caps begin to grow……….there is power in their beauty.  there is strength in their sound.

water hits the dock……..over the top and onto my bare legs…………it is so cold.

the water begins to come over the dock………i am holding on as not to be pull in by the waves.  How much strength will it take, how long will this last, how cold will it get?

i search for a place to go……………i can’t go back, the steps have vanished.

forward is water with no end in sight……………

and so I hold on and tell myself, I am strong.


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