do i have to believe you?

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when you tell me i am ill, do i have to believe you?

is is possible that you are wrong?  i know i have the symptoms, the tests that that show something is wrong…………but, do i really have to believe you?

i don’t want to be ill, i don’t want to feel this way…………

you tell me what is going to happen with this illness………….do i have to believe you?

do you really know what is best for me?

do you realize that you are not in control?  you are not God?  you only know what you read in a book…..or experience with others……they are not me…………you don’t even know me……………and i have read way more than you………….i know more about our physical capabilities, the human spirit, spiritual healing, the power of love, thoughts, movement, meditation……….miracles still happen……..

the power of belief is an astonishing  thing……………..i choose not to believe you.  so please stop talking……………stop being so negative………..i need a cheerleader not a soothsayer!

……..and I choose not to believe you…….

…..and to believe what I see as the truth…………



12 thoughts on “do i have to believe you?

  1. Dear Wendi,
    We are our own Universe, and often our beliefs can change outcomes.. I once walked with the aid of stick, getting out of breath and so fatigued and in so much pain I would cry to my Dr.. Whose remedy was
    Strong pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs,… These had no effect upon the pain, and were only giving me stomach ulcers.. So I took myself off all medication.. ( not that I recommend that to anyone ) But it was right for me..
    I read the book by Louise Hays,, You can Heal Your Life.. I started doing Mirror Work, Self Healing, along with affirmations.. Many things logged in my blog here and there..
    I also took up QiGong, Look up Spring Forest Qi Gong with the Master Chunyi Lin., as there are others that imitate his work.. I never looked back and enjoy my daily routine…
    Now I am 100% better, I still have to watch what I do though, but I walk, I garden and am no longer so fatigued or in pain that was so debilitating.
    Learning to that we are energy bodies, and sometimes it is the blockage of energy which often creates our illnesses..
    If you look at the testimonials upon his Website you will see many things have been cured..
    Its all about Belief! .. 🙂
    LOVE and BLESSINGS in taking more control of your own Healing… ❤
    Hugs Sue xx

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    • Dearest Sue………..thank YOU for taking the time to read and comment on this post, it means so very much to me! It was very painful to write because although I see MRIs and tests that show me results, I am so sick of being ill that I am working very hard at choosing another path and with taking another path it is a fine line walking with medical professionals and changing my thinking and actions. Thank you for all of your suggestions I am going to check them all out……….thank you again, I so wish I could just sit and chat with you because I have looked through your blog and you have been a huge influence on me. God bless you for taking the time to respond! And I am so thankful that you are on a healing path!

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      • I know it is difficult, and every illness no matter how great or small is a huge problem to those who are suffering.. So taking a different perspective and looking at our ailments often takes us to another place at exploring why our bodies have taken the route they have..
        I also read The Journey by Brandon Bays you can find reviews on Amazon that tells about the book.. Another remarkable story of self healing of Cancer. Where by she went deep within to find things in her childhood that had been a trigger in her body becoming ill.
        I am delighted you are finding my blog a help.. And although I am not on line as often this time of year.. If there are any thoughts I can help you with, then give me a shout..
        The journey with all of us starts with ourselves and our ability to go deeper within..
        Many thanks..
        Love and Blessings.. Sue xx

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