10 steps to feeling like a super model while living with CI

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Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com


OK…………definitely not, but when you live inside your home for days on end in pjs, it doesn’t take much to make you feel like your’re rockin’ it!

  1.  Drink the recommended amount of water during the day and eat only healthy foods.
  2.  Shower and use soap.
  3.  Wash my hair with shampoo AND use conditioner!
  4.   Brush hair vs. throwing it into a ponytail or hat without brushing it.
  5.   Put on outside clothes.  Seriously………..my daughter stated the other day, Mom, we have bought more houses than you have purchased clothes since I have been alive.  I literally spit my drink out.  So true, so funny, and so sad.
  6.   Put concealer under my eyes to help hide the dark circles.
  7.   Put on some lip gloss………..to distract from my eyes.
  8.   Put real shoes on my feet, not just in the car for in case I get pulled over.
  9.   Leave the house, hey someone needs to see me in real clothing after all that effort!
  10.   Carry a small purse!
  11.   OK…………final step………take a well deserved nap!


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