Being prepared with a chronic illness

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When you are chronically ill, it is extremely important that you are prepared for the unexpected.  Why you might ask?  Because many of us with CI are physically unable to walk miles through rough terrain to get necessities if roads were impassible due to a snow storm, tornado or hurricane.  Many of us have a difficult time gathering enough energy just to make it through a typical day, let alone add on the major inconveniences of what mother nature can bring unexpectedly.

In addition to natural disasters,  there are also other situations that may require us having additional supplies on hand .  These situations may include: a loss of income, an extended time period where we are physically unable to get to a store, or a high medical bill that stretches our budget even tighter making food purchases financially challenging.  So, how can we simply prepare for such events?

I believe it is extremely beneficial to always have extra supplies on hand so we can be as prepared as possible.  These things include:  food that can be stored for longer periods of time like canned and dry goods, extra medicine and supplements, hygiene products, bottled water, cleaning supplies, and anything you would need to live for a minimum of one to two months without having to purchase any additional goods.

I know this is something that can be difficult for those of us with CI to add to our already tight budget.  But if each time you went to the store (or had food delivered), you purchased one or two additional items that you already eat and/or use and add them to your collection, you would have a nice stockpile within the year.  Just keep purchasing items to add to your supply until you have an amount that makes you feel comfortable and would allow you to be self-sufficient for an extended period of time.

As those of us with CI know, life can hand you a whole bunch of crap.  We have little control over our CIs, so I believe it is important for us to have as much control as possible over other areas of our lives.  Being ready for an emergency, financial or natural, gives us this sense of control and the ability to take care of ourselves if the need ever arises.

Until next time………….You are a superhero!  (And superheros are always prepared!)


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