All of you with chronic illness are superheros!

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I have been wanting to post something for the past several days, but you know, with chronic illness, sometimes your days don’t go as planned.  Since this is a chronic illness blog I am sure you can guess why I haven’t posted –  yep, this past week I have been feeling bad.    You know, bad, not terrible or horrible just plan ‘ol bad.  That in-between state of decent and terrible, that place where you feel so guilty staying in bed because, let’s face it you have felt much worse.  Nope, bad days mean you force yourself out of bed and get on with your day as best as you can.  Yep, bad days are hard,  instead of feeling like walking through water, it is more like quick sand, and instead of just aches and pains you can’t find a place on your body that doesn’t hurt, and oh yeah, the brain fog………it’s more like brain smog.

So, I am here to tell all of you with chronic illnesses………..YOU are total badasses!  You are the real superheroes.  I am sure you are thinking….no…..not me, why I can’t leap a building in a single bound and I definitely can’t lift a car over my head.  Nope, you probably can’t do either of these things but who cares, what all of you do is far more impressive…………YOU do not hit someone for hearing him/her say, “but you don’t look sick” for the 50th time this year.  YOU look the other way when someone gives you a dirty look for parking in a handicapped space.  YOU don’t punch someone in the face when they say “if you just do/don’t do this (fill in the blank) _______________ your illness would go away.”  YOU don’t walk around cussing out loud all day long due to pain and discomfort even though you have every right to do so. YOU smile and carry on polite conversation when you are out with others, faking that you are doing just fine, when you really feel like crying. YOU control your temper when some idiot compares your illness to their broken ankle.   YOU comfort others even though you are the one who really needs comforting at that moment.   YOU do the very best you can with what your body dishes out day after day…………………..And that my friends, makes you one badass superhero!

Until next time superheros……….don’t forget just how awesome you are!




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