An illness kit.

Well, I finally created an illness kit, like the one I mentioned in a previous post.  I visited my local Dollar Tree (like most people I also live on a budget) and was able to get everything you see in the not-so-professional picture below.

For me, the most important item I purchased was a pack of 3 pairs of white socks.  When I came down with the dreaded, can’t-get-out-of-bed flu, I had not washed any whites in about a week and I ran out of clean socks on day two.  It was a huge bummer as I hate having cold feet but I dislike wearing dirty socks even more.  I also purchased a two pack of wash clothes for running under cool water and placing on your head when you are feverish.  Even though you can usually find a cloth lying around for this purpose, I wanted them just in case.  I believe that you could probably find these cheaper at Walmart but I did not have the energy to go and check.

I also purchased a package of small happy face plates and travel drink cups with lids because who in the heck is able to do dishes when you are extra extra sick?  Plus, I know I will not be able to find a single disposable item when I really need one.

Also purchased on this trip was a box of tissues, a bag of herbal cough drops (made in the USA), a small bottle of acetaminophen, a jar of Carmex and a Sparkling ICE drink.  All of these items are going to place in a 2 gallon zip lock bag and placed in the bottom of  a dresser drawer with a prayer that I will not have to use them!



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