Simplicity and chronic illness

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I have wanted to start a blog for years, but thoughts of insecurity and lack of writing skills kept this dream from becoming a reality.  I have had ideas rolling around in my head for so long, yet a blog takes energy and confidence……….something that I lack.  But, I ‘put on my big girls pants,’ sucked up my pride, and with a prayer I hope that this blog will help at least one person in a similar situation as myself.

The purpose of this blog is to help those of us with these dreaded chronic illnesses to live a more simple life.  In the chaos of our diagnoses, we need to have calm and there are many ways we can help create some sense of calm and control.  These are going to be the topics of my blog posts…………ways to live a more simple life.  Simply.  Chronically.  Ill.  We can do it but it takes work, effort and a whole lot of unconditional support from others.

Here is to finding ways to experience calm within the chaos, and make the complex more simple …………so, let the journey begin.




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